My first impressions of stealing

So did a long stream yesterday where I tried out stealing for realz, and

The only kinds of "victims" I found were the very ones that don't really deserve to be targeted by thieves:

- mostly newbies fighting mobs just outside the cities or in the graveyards or in the beginning of corruption
- lumberjacks chopping down trees
- miners mining

The people I would have actually wanted to target:

- the rich experienced players
- PKs

And naturally all of these people are either deep inside dungeons, inside their houses, inside of cities, or if they are running about the wilderness, they're on their mounts (thus there is no way a stealthing thief can catch up to them). So all I could really do is target the newbies and it felt bad man. :(

I think the fact that snooping and stealing is not allowed in towns is a huge mistake. All that ends up happening is that newbie players get discouraged from playing the game.


  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    You’re not the only 1 feeling this way. They said during the ama on reddit that stealing would be allowed in neutral towns. But I guess neutral towns don’t exist because there isn’t a town in Celador where stealing is enabled.
  • DivinorumDivinorum USA
    edited December 2019
    This seems to be a consistent thing they do. I get the feeling based on their actions that the DEV team doesn't communicate very well with each other. At first stealing was to be implemented on NPCs based on what they said during a live stream. Why make stealing so shallow?
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    According to the hotfix, Oasis is no longer guarded. I’m guessing that means stealing is possible there? But still... who is going to go there now? Lol.
  • lecterlecter
    edited December 2019
    stealing should be allowed in towns, A rogue going stealth and sneaks up on a fool who does not manage his items or money properly and catches an advantage perhaps if they are AFK or not paying attention.

    Once invisible next to the victim you open up their backpack and there is a 20% chance they will notice this.

    If noticed you become Grey and are revealed.

    If unnoticed you steal an item and then you still become grey and you become revealed and need to make an escape.

    Hence the reason for houses because Towns should not be 100% safe

    With the current stealth system you can not escape

  • My friend told me they've enabled snooping and stealing on aria. So I log on, create a new char, and spend 48 hours leveling hiding and stealth. So i'm finally high enough level to snoop people and I find out ITS FREAKING DISABLED. Good one devs, just wasted 48 hours of my life.
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    Damn, 48 hours of straight hiding and stealthing? Literal god.
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