Pvp/Pve tag for choosing your king of game

To begin, I like this game, need to be polish, but very promising.
There's plenty to do for everyone ... but ...
I see everywhere pvp and no pvp players that are defending their position ... Everyone is right, the problem is that for now it's really dificult to cohabit.
If there is only one pvp server, why not to propose a tag "PVP".
no pvp can have a green / purple / pink with green peas name, and can not be attack by other players (but can be killed by monsters, losing their inventory ... etc.)
pvp stay blue (or red) and if they want to change, they must wait a little timer (to avoid changes in the middle of a fight)

I've seen flag battles, it seems to be very fun for pvp players, it's a very good idea, that can be developed further and further.
In this war, no innocent craftsman has been injured... that's fun for every kind of game.
The problem is that a small number of players are searching opportunities for making a good loot by killing defensless players.
The bounties are good ideas, but there is no change for the spoiled player... very frustating.
If there is no more easy target, they will attack more combative players , and it will be more challenging.

I'm searching a solution for pleasing everyone, it's an idea, not necessarily the best.

Sorry if my english isn't good enough, it's not my native language.


  • lecterlecter lecterjihad@gmail.com
    Go play Albion, That idea is trash

    The solution is Survival instincts

    In a medieval world not everyone is going to survive, Its time for all you noobs to get good

    If there is PVE then crafters will craft and craft and craftcraftcraftcraftcraft and there will be so many items and everything will be SO SO EASY and its already SO EASY so no need to make it easier.

  • Zip it Lecter. It's a great idea. You just don't want to take the time to do the harvesting and would rather just steal it. WoW has it right with PvP flags, this game had it right with PvP areas. Stop being an ass by thinking you're big and bad by slamming on people who don't like PvP. Grow up little boy.
  • lecterlecter lecterjihad@gmail.com
    You people make me sick
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    You need reds in the game for a myriad of reasons, mostly economical reasons, but also for fun for anti pks to hunt and now profit off of. If you could mine for hours and watch Netflix at the same time without a care in the world, where would that leave prices for ore? Same for lumberjacking. Same for all crafting.

    It’s true, you will need to gain literal game experience and knowledge to stay safe out there, and I hope you do! Don’t give up, don’t stay in 1 spot for too long, join a guild or make some friends and see if they’ll protect you. We used to roll 5+ deep at Brecca Mines protecting our miners. Then the devs shifted to a PvE focus and now I haven’t seen 3 of 8 of my guild, and of the 5 I see, only me and 2 others are really playing now...

    But PvE Land 2.0 is not the answer, my friend. What they really need to do for you guys who only want to gather and craft is make it so you have a chance to protect yourself or can do something to prepare for an attack. You won’t be killing any reds with 2 gatherering skills and 4 combat, but a way for you to get away would benefit you all. Or add a whole new set of SURVIVAL skills aimed at surviving all threats, but particularly other players. So things like Trap Making, Detect Hidden, Tracking, Forensic Evaluation, or maybe even tools like a telescope that you could equip and cast and it would tell you if you see any criminals 3, 4, 5 screens away, increasing based on the materials used to craft it.
  • I'm all for the WoW version, you want to PvP? Invite to it. I'd leave mine permanently on "ignore PvP invites". My guild has quit this game since it went to PvE only and now that it's PvP "only", they're refusing to even consider coming back. They enjoyed it when you had protected areas and "wilderness/PvP" areas. If they don't make it where people who have LITERALLY zero desire to PvP can do their thing and be left alone, this game will tank. Watch it happen. I've spent a year on my crafter and will NOT change him. He has minimal fighting skills, lumberjack, mining, metalsmith, carpenter, fabrication, and bashing. His bashing is non-existent since it's never been needed other than to kill black bears, black wolves, coyotes, and giant rats.

    I appreciate your ability to talk, Soap, unlike that child Lecter. All I've seen him do is be an ass which guarantees no one cares to hear his view on anything.
  • I don't know what you do in life... but for me, I play to change my mind after work, when baby sleep. Most people want to craft only for craft, and if they want, make a fighting character for killing some monsters...how can this be disturbing for the rest of the world that want to do PVP if they don't want to? it's a game! If those players find another game, boring of being pk, what do you win... only less players on that server?
    It's the case now, people are doing bad comments on this game on steam, the community of players will be reduced... and who pay the bills for the devs if after a trial a player is scared to lose his stuff from a pk and don't buy the game?
    They don't want to make a pvp server, there must be another solution not extremist like full pvp or full pve.
    PVP can be cool in this game, for somebody that have already a character with good skills, and be a mage ... and prepared...
    If I understand, the solution for the crafters that are camping crafting skill is pk... ok... and the solution for avoiding pk is... camping magery skills (it's the only fighting skill that can be to raise with no need to go in wilderness for being fresh meat)... ok but I must find another serie on netflix... a long long serie.
    You really think that all those pk with magery don't have macroting their magery skills before, while watching a movie?
    pk will ever exist with a tag, they only must change their targets for some harder... who says that their life must be easier thant the crafters life actually?
    The price of the ore will be the same, or will increase, cause everybody with a miner want to raise a BS too... perhaps only pk don't have mining skill, they don't need it, other players making the job.
    Even going to buy an armor from a player vendor is dangerous because you have to walk around with your gold, and be a piggy bank on legs for a pk... were is the economic advantage?
    I've been pk in the Helm's mine... it's in town and that don't stop pk... were can be a safer place? moving... I've try, and the second mine I found was the target of a pk... been escort by other payers... what most boring for them, they will fall asleep and let the pk pass :p !
    There is plenty of solutions for avoiding free pk, but they are not in game now, like traps, pnj escort... or tags.
    I've said that "tag" is an idea, not the better.
    What I see in all anti pk topics is the same kind of "dialogues": The anti pk (not anti pvp) search a solution or complain, the pvp player (not necessarely a pk) answer to find another game/ keep quiet and be a sheep/ raise a pvp character.
    I'm sorry that it's impossible to make a survey on this or steam's forum for asking players what they want... It will be easier for the devs to find a solution for everyone... and make them earn money for their job and develop this game for the fun of the most.
  • This has been discussed on these forms for the last 4 years. Welcome to Aria and its CrZAzy DeV TeaM.
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    edited December 2019
    I’m all for removing skill loss and instead making more sh*t for helpless nubs and gatherers to survive in the wild. Down with the half-a$$ed systems.
    Divinorum said:


    Lol, cri-zay-zee. I like it. It’s actually very appropriate.
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