Known Bugs and Priorities

Hey everyone! The team is hard at work on bug fixes and adjustments. This is in no way a full list of what’s being worked on, however these are the most common questions and reports we’re receiving, and I wanted to let you all know they’re being actively worked on as priorities:

Snooping shows empty bags
Nemesis buff does not wear off after killing your active Nemesis mob
Remove requirement for hunting knife to be equipped to skin
Trinit Pouch Quest is taking pouches that contain items
Militia Flags are duping/disappearing
Add a bloom toggle in graphic settings
Bard “Riddle of Force” should not affect friendly player pet

Please continue to report any issues you may encounter.


  • Kill counts not dropping if you engage in faction fighting. I received a kill count the day after the patch from consensual pvp in eldeir arena and still have it. Have bug reported to no response.

    Catacombs quest requires you to run catacombs 2 or 3 times since it requires you to speak to an NPC and it's the only prestige quest that doesn't autocomplete steps you have completed before receiving the next step. This bug is penalizing new players and old returning players like me. Really lame to have completed characters who can't compete because they are missing their 3rd prestige even after completing catacombs.
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