Suggestions from Vertern UO player ( Moongate > Horse Cart ) (

HELLO i have a few suggestions that i think would be great for Legends of Aria and the exact type of server this is going to be.

1. My first suggestion is taking away the Moongate and replacing it with a NPC with 2 Horses and a Caravan Wagon.
This would work exactly like the Moongate except it would be proper if it was placed more inside the town and players must pay a price to travel with this instead of it being free.

Hence if this costed a price then the new players of CELADOR and ROLEPLAY players would expereince traveling by horseback more. Players would need to use the roads from city to city and you would see a lot more activity along your travels from town to town.

For Example: The horse cart will be for the wealthy lords of Celador and for example it would cost 3000-5000 gold to travel from 1 city to the next.

Players who can not afford this amount would be forced to travel from city to city by horseback or runebooks.

2. My second Suggestion adds depth to the first one which is making cities such as Helm and Pyros a 2nd Tier city.

For Example:

Eldier can be a tier 1 starting city for everyone, Blacksmiths inside these tier 1 cities sell basic low damaged items such as a regular sword and wooden shield.

If you were to travel by horseback and place more effort into the game and if you reach a Tier 2 city for example such as Helm, Then inside these cities the Blacksmiths would sell stronger weapons such as Great Axe and Halberds and Metal Kite Shields. Tier 1 cities could sell Lesser potions and tier 2-3 cities could sell regular or Greater.

Tier 2 cities would be more difficult to access for starting players and when they do reach these cities it will be more rewarding and entertaining.

3. Dungeons and ghosts-

I come from many UO shards with a whole combination of Developers and scripters over the years combining their ideas.

I played epic shard that you could invest the next 10 years of your life trying to ( beat the game ).

this shard gave me tons of ideas.

EXAMPLE - 1 really good idea from a shard i played called Endor in UO was when you die and go into ghost form you can not explore dungeons.

If you make a dungeon with 5 levels and you die in the first level as a ghost it would not allow you to enter the 4-5 levels exploring saftely and capturing any advantages that meets the eye.

With this feature it made dungeons more epic and entertaining because you could not spoil it as a ghost


  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    I just wanna comment on your first suggestion, and I’d say it’s a good idea. I don’t think it should replace Gatekeepers, but for players who don’t wanna risk getting PK’d en route to the GK could instead dump some gold to use the cart.
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