Paladin Build?

Current build is
100 - Vigor, Healing, Martial Prowess, Slashing, Blocking
75 - Manifestation
25 - Channeling


30 strength
40 constitution
40 agility
20 wisdom
10 intelligence
10 will



  • kleptomkleptom US
    edited December 2019
    1. I would drop Channeling to max Manifestation; You will recover mana slower but 10 int is going to be your issue with some higher level spells. You also need 90.1 to get 100% success on casting invis.
    2. Drop wis to 10. 20 wis gives you a 12% chance to reduce spell damage by 50% that's not going to make a difference in my opinion.
    3. I would raise int to 20. At 10 int you will only have 25 mana, not enough to cast Mark (Valuable) or Res. kind of expected for a Paladin Class. If you don't care about Mark then after your healing and vigor are 80 you can drop 10 points from Int and put them elsewhere in STR/AGIL/CON. I would note that for a Pally the refresh spell is handy to restore stamina and more mana makes this a viable strategy.
    4. I would consider 35 to strength. That extra 5 actually doubles the % added to melee damage from 20% to 40%.
    5. I would take this extra 5 points from Con if you are going to be wearing full Plate armor. You are already going to look at an agility of 31. If you plan on wearing bone or Chain then you can take from Agil over Con.
    6. If you follow point 3 and want to wear full plate after you reach 80 healing/vigor then I would mix my stats as:
    str 35, agil 45, con 40, 10 in others
    7. If you follow point 3 and just want to wear chain or scale then I would mix stats as:
    str 40, agil 40, con 40 10 in others.

    Of course this is just my opinion.
  • kleptomkleptom US
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    My Pally looks like:
    Str 40, Agi 40, Con 40, Int 10, Wis 10, WIl 10

    100 Vigor, Healing, Martial Prowess, Slashing, Blocking and Manifestation.

    Prestige: Dart, Shield Bash, Vanguard. (Though I think I might like to play with Evasion for the shorter timer)

    Bloodlust: Cant wait to get to max skills so I can play with Shield Wall.

    I found I get less castings of Greater heal though admittedly I use my Bandage most times during combat and rely on the spell and potions if things are close. I am hoping they develop more Pally specific Professions instead of us relying on strictly Fighters tree.
  • Or just wait for them to complete the game. They are adding Necromancy & Paladins.
  • Divinorum said:

    Or just wait for them to complete the game. They are adding Necromancy & Paladins.

    IS there a place on the site I can go to read about what they have planned?
  • In the Q and A's they have said those are coming.
  • Another one of the abandoned ideas that went nowhere.
  • Just because it isn't in game today doesn't mean it isn't coming .
  • This paladin build above all and you will be strictly hybrid ***DO NOT TAKE BLOCKING*** It is a broken skill at the moment and here is why. 1) you cannot whatsoever parry an attack and secondly the amount you reduce per hit is barely noticeable. And until they either allow you to parry an attack or increase amount of damage taken or both not worth it and here is my build.

    First the stats:

    30 str
    40 con
    30 agi
    30 wisdom - 40 (+5 ring and +5 neck) or can keep 30 wisdom and go 50 con if want more hp but overall spell resist is better
    30 int for 75 mana for your mana pool for a support paladin tanky build w/o a shield

    Or you can min/max stats how you feel best suited for you but that's what I use.

    Now for the build I use.

    Can either go slashing or lancing..I have lancing since I don't have a shield lancing is overall better for 2 hander anyways

    100 Lancing
    100 Martial Prowess
    100 Vigor
    100 Healing
    100 Manifestation
    100 Channeling

    Now I use light armor suppose to chain or heavy and here is why the math is also broken as fuck

    The difference between light and chain/heavy is very small won't feel much of a since mani and channeling you will regen mana at a much faster rate being gm channeling in light as in heavy armor.

    Between healing with bandages and having 75 mana portal and having portal, teleport, cure and greater heal you will 100% feel like a true hybrid and extremely hard to kill yes you will lack the damage being 30 str but if placed right almost unkillable.
  • Also the difference between 30 str vs 40 damage wise is tiny 40 str damage increase is 60% now 45 str damage is 80% and 50 str damage is 100% increased the big milestones is 45 and 50 not really 30 to 40 so if you looking to do some brutal damage should have no less than 45 str.
  • Admittedly my build is for PVE. PVP its worthless. Your comments on Blocking I did not know and its almost maxed now. Your comments on Metal armor are also disheartening. Whats the point of everyone wearing Obsidian armor if its worthless. Can you describe how you know the math on these two subjects or link me where I can research the current state of Blocking and armor comparison?

    I can now confirm that using Shieldwall in the blood line does help with damage done for the short time it lives. Intimidation and its 20% slower attack rate on mobs seems less useful though I am basing my experience on Rock Golems that hit hard to begin with. I would also say that Rock Golems would eat you up in leather armor. I will outfit myself with it and see what my experience is.
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