New Dawn is Available Now!

Greetings adventurers!

Legends of Aria: New Dawn has arrived and it brings with it some significant content additions! This patch features the return of the Wilderness, new World Boss encounters, the introduction of nine Warrior Abilities, brand new Township and Militia systems, and many more content updates, enhancements, and improvements - including Free Accounts!

Read the full Patch Notes here.
Read the Release Announcement here.


  • Is existing salt converted into talents? I hope I have not collected in vain over 40,000 salt which is now completely useless.
  • pldworldpldworld United States
    What do you do with Salt? Why do you have 40k of it?
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    New Dawn is awesome! Great gameplay, wilderness changes are way better than expected. I recommend testing it out.
  • Tried logging in and all I see is EU server?
  • chrisx9 said:

    New Dawn is awesome! Great gameplay, wilderness changes are way better than expected. I recommend testing it out.

    +1 loving LOA!
  • DarkacolyteDarkacolyte United States
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    Hello. Goodbye.
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    Oh no! You must have been carrying all your worldly possessions for that to make you quit. What was it? Tower deed? 200P?
    Or was it it just a minor inconvenience that makes little to no difference to your game?
    Enjoy your next game, Cooperative Carebear Friendly Farm or whatever it is... "Dark Acolyte"
  • I still like the wilderness from February to August better than 100% wilderness outside of town , but militias seem to be keeping the PVP community occupied . There are still PK's as intended , so there is still indeed risk verses reward , it can be a frightful thing to leave town but action and adventure await . There is also considerable risk for the PK's so once again this seems to working as intended , if they die with several murder counts and loose thier head they must either buy it back or retrain the skills lost . I have heard people say they lost 14 points of skill . PVE is definitely no longer dull . Chasing materials is harder , but rewards are better . All in all I think the game is going in a very positive direction . More new faces than at anytime since I started playing . Seeing old characters with creator titles etc. that I are new to me , but actually old . So this equals returning vets in my mind . There is literally more to do in game than I have the time and ability to do. If you ever played come back . If you are looking for a game to play try it for free on steam then buy it . If you like sand box MMO's where you can do anything you want , literally ! Come try it .Might as well buy it . $19.99 US is a bargain . Want another house and cool stuff (cosmetic in game) do the Premium Subscription ! Having the ability to do anything you want doesn't always mean there are no repercussions to your decisions . Just like in real life decisions in game have consequences some positive some negative . Wantv to be a criminal killer go for it . What to be a hero and chase down criminals ? You cann . Run a shop ? Go for it . Join the Militia ? Three to choose from . All I can say try it , I like it . Especially these last few quality of life updates have been great .
  • ...fully agree, Raven. Last patch was a real breakthrough and since then something must have happened to the Dev team. Quick fixes, constant updates, small incentives, general "we care" atmosphere. Let´s hope for the best...

  • I agree as well. They are on the right track. They still have a lot of work to make it a mainstream title but they seem to have a solid foundation now. My Tank is acting like a real tank in group settings and the PVP changes I dreaded have not been as predatory as I thought it would be. Now they need to start building out the various classes and skills. Fine tuning stats, etc. I really do enjoy hunting dragons with my friends and using my good gear for a change. It sucks to make really good gear, enchant it and then have it sit in a box forever for fear of PVP taking it all.
  • The risk is real . The reward is substantial as well .
  • Love it too. Keep going the good work - ur doing well. The population is growing!
  • BayshamelBayshamel United States
    One of things I find cumbersome is all the clicking and non immediate response. Like clicking the door to get it open or to talk to an npc. I even find the combat wonky. I am new to this game and looks like it would be fun but my gosh... I am refraining from judging... but it is not smooth... plus the little tutorial guide left way too soon. Any tips to help a noob... would be great. I will go check of the post for noobs as well. Going to play some Kenshi... for now.
  • Come join Discord . Best place to get real time advice.
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