Hi I'm looking forward to trying this game out on the 5th but the pvp will be coming back right? I lost interest in this game when they made it pve oriented. Also since its going F2P there going to have the optional subscription, how much will that be? Their is still no p2w in this game right? I don't mind paying subscriptions or buying cash shop vanity to support the game but NO. PAY. TO. WIN. Ok thanks for reading. oh and I hope going f2p gives this game the very much needed population boost.


  • They are bringing back the unprotected (pvp) ruleset for most areas of the map yes.

    Optional sub I believe is 10 bucks.

    There is still no pay to win, only things like does dyes, visually different mounts, etc are absolutely to buy with cash.

    They've combined the US servers and population is much better and there are always people around when I play. It would be highly unlikely it won't get even more populated when the game is free to play. Hopefully the new content and rules will retain the population for years to come.
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