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A Bounty Hunting system would be a great way to promote more players to be Anti-PK's. It'd be a simple and immersive system for tracking Criminals.

To be a Bounty Hunter you would join the Bounty Hunting Guild. Once you're in, you get access to the Bounty Ledger and can select up to 5 Criminal Players. The Bounty Ledger would list: "Player Name", "Last Known Location", "Time Spotted", and "Price". The "Price" would display the possible amount of Skill Points you could get from a Skill Scroll. To make it more immersive, and not a GPS system, you'd only be able to select new/replace targets if 1) You kill 1 of your tracked targets and claim their head, 2) Someone else kills your tracked target and claims their head, 3) After 24 Hours. To update the info on your target(s), you'd speak with a Guard, but they would only reveal info pertinent to the Region you are in.

Join the Guild, Select your target, Track them, Kill them, Remove head, Turn in head, Profit! Or, die and get looted! Bounty Hunters who are killed by Criminals or Outcasts do NOT count as Murder Counts.


  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    Nice idea, you should make your own server lol. But I’d suggest making bounty hunters lose skill loss too maybe? Otherwise there isn’t much risk besides losing some gear, which we all know isn’t losing much. Maybe only lose skills if they’re killed by 1 of their targets. Also, just another suggestion but they could recolor their name tags to orange to associate themselves with the bounty hunters.
  • Yes, that would be a good addition. Your suggestions gives me another idea. I would say that Bounty Hunting could be the way for true skill loss to occur and drop scrolls. What I mean is, only Bounty Hunters could cause permanent skill loss by killing 1 of their targets. Outcasts and Criminals who die by anyone else would receive the Capital Punishment debuff ONLY, but extended to 60 minutes instead of 20, and the stat loss would return incrementally every 10 minutes.

    Example: Capital Punishment
    Minute 1-9, 60% stat loss
    Minute 10-19, 50% stat loss
    Minute 20-29, 40% stat loss
    Minute 30-39, 30% stat loss
    Minute 40-49, 20% stat loss
    Minute 50-59, 10% stat loss
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    I think if we had to keep skill loss in the game this would be getting it kinda right. But skill loss is no bueno, just sayin.
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