It feels like the one thing Aria is missing most is lore.

Is it always going to be this bare bones world or are they there plans to bring life and character to the towns and wilderness?


  • MograMogra US
    edited November 2019
    Should be coming with the Point 8 Release on December 5th. This is from the New Dawn (the name they’re calling Point 8) blog:

    The Leagues of Celador have arrived! The Leagues are our first of a growing system of episodic content, injecting our long awaited lore and fresh content into Legends of Aria with each new Point Release. Completing tasks for the Leagues of Celador will grant currency and reputation with each respective faction, giving access to unique and highly sought after items.

    Also, talking to NPCs they have some dialogue about the world. It’s vague but it’s interesting. Like the Blue Bubble in Eldeir is supposedly hiding a city called Petra.
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