Returning and Questions

So when i left,i was 6x GM Rogue and when i logged on,all of my abilities are gone.I had dart,charge and vanish,did they take all these away from us?I knew about losing my house,i figured it would go to auction,i am more worried about all my abilities being gone,spent a lot of time getting those,especially vanish


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    Abilitiy books no longer drop as loot. Abilities are now chosen from completing the relevant Profession level or tomes can be bought at player vendors.
  • ok,so they deleted all my abilities and i have to start over,that's kind of messed up... thanks for the info
  • I should add:
    Learning an ability when you've attained the necessary Profession level costs ability points
    Journeyman level - 3 Ability Points
    Master level - 15 Ability Points
    Grandmaster level - 30 Ability Points
    Ability Points are converted from XP (1000XP per point)
  • yea,i see that i have 200 points
  • Also if you had those abilities you should have the tomes necessary in your bag to reapply . You just have to complete the quests . With the Gm quest being in Catacombs .
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