More Features for Player Housing

Add craft-able walls and portcullis for our lands! We’ve already got them in game now release them to the people. No longer will we have to build double high fences to keep unfriendly neighbors out. Also, how freaking cool would that be?? I’d love to build my own fortress.

Let’s us buy Guild Land Deeds and offer totally different building options, such as Guild Halls, Barracks and Watch Towers, and Trading Posts (and more). Guild Halls can be huge buildings for living and storage, as well as for selling items to passerby’s. Barracks can be used to spawn NPCs to protect your Town, and Guard Towers can spawn NPC archers to fire at and slow attackers. Trading Posts can be for Guilds more focused on crafting and selling and be a place people from all over gather to sell their wares.

Allow Tamers to open up stables and hire NPC stable masters which would allow players to store their pets at that location. Remove the option to instantly teleport mounts to a stable AND to turn mounts into statues. Do this so players would rely more on interaction with each other to accomplish things in game and validate Tamers as certified stable masters. Some people just crave a simple life after the Taming grind is over.

Allow us to remove/add environmental objects like trees, stones, grass, etc, for the Land we own.
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