Does a Mage with Archery Skill Make Sense? Stats?

I want my character to primarily be a mage but it would be nice to have a backup weapon when my mana is drained. To GM a profession as a mage, you apparently need 100 in Evocation, Manifestation, Magic Affinity, and Channeling. Would the below build work?

100 Evocation
100 Manifestation
100 Magic Affinity
100 Channeling
60 Healing
60 Vigor
80 Archery

What would be a good stat spread?

Thanks in advance!


  • kleptomkleptom US
    edited November 2019
    note that archery will be low damage without MP and less Vigor, but at 80 your To Hit will be fine; though I would get a bow enchanted with plus to attack and attack damage to offset this. Jewelry I would concentrate on CON in PVE but prefer more WIS/WIL to stack resist buffs in PVP.

    For PVE stats I would go;
    Strength 25. Gets you high enough to avoid any weapon damage penalty.
    Agility 10. Not needed.
    Constitution 45 gives you really good Health for a pure caster.
    Intelligence 50 best in class stat for you.
    Wisdom 10 Not really needed in PVE
    Will 10 same as Wisdom.

    For PVP
    str 25 Gets you high enough to avoid any weapon damage penalty.
    agi 10 Need the stats to reduce magic damage and stuns.
    con 30 a little less health but you need some higher resists to spell damage and stun.
    int 50 Still best in Class
    wis 30 +25% to reduce incoming magic damage by 50%
    wil 30 +25% resists to stuns and other affects
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