Housing in storage

Dumpy McWinklesDumpy McWinkles World First Grandmaster Stapler
How long before the house goes poof and we lose everything? (not placed.. just sitting in the menu for now.)


  • I want to know this as well!
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    One Week
    Edit: just saw you haven't placed plot yet so... I'd say for as long as Kamus The Stranger exists..?
  • TeufelTeufel Celador
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    Anything could change or go poof so to be safe I would:

    Buy or borrow a land deed and place a 12 x 12 plot somewhere random. Use the third option to get a crate placed on that 12 x 12. Remove the pre-built house blue print and free to expand to old size plot deed along with your items and place them in the bank. Take the 12 x 12 back up and sell the land deed to someone, or give it back to your friend (or just keep it). Never worry about your stuff again.
  • One week? Ouch! I hope no ones on vacation.
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