Issue accessing ALL my characters from Kamus the Stranger

So I am talking to Kamus the Stranger to unpack inventory of characters that I chose to delete but its only showing me 6 of the characters and I have at least 2 others on the list that i cant being a 5 GM soulstones Fabrication, Blacksmithy, Carpenty, Mining, Lumberkjacking (wanted to put on character with a different name). How can I access the bank box and backpack of the other characters before they decay?

I tried to empty everything on one character hoping it would disappear from the list and let me access the next luck there either.


  • They are aware of this, you can see they mentioned it in an announcement in discord. Hopefully will get fixed Monday.
  • Thanks for letting me know, glad they are aware of it. Lets hope it gets fixed without having to redo everything with a server rollback.
  • I had to delete down to 4 characters to be able to see the missing characters not seen at the character selection screen.
  • Alki,

    We are talking about a different issue on this thread. This issue is where you have already deleted like 7 or more characters but when going to claim their items you can only see max of 6 of them.
  • I had 7 characters so I delete 2 but after i deleted it I got 4 characters left. I am missing 1 character.
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