The developers killed the mode PvP

Remove skill penalties for killing players and blocking quick movement after killing, this makes the PvP game very boring.

Fights PvP are usually 2 vs 6 and making such restrictions on the loss of skills for PvP makes it boring


  • DominusDominus I always start my day with a Special K, for breakfast.
    I kinda like it, it's hardcore mode for adrenaline junkies PvP'ers. With Guild Vs Guild providing the softer, less risky PvP option if you want.

    I'd definitely play as a red under this system.

  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    No one wants to play under this system. When you die, assuming you actually play red and don’t just hop on for a kill per day, you lose skill. If you lose your head and it’s turned in, it’s permanent loss that must be regained. Right, so you know all this. But then you’re still a target when you’re out trying to retrain and your murder count is the same as it was when you died the first time. So you either bench your character for however many days you have to wait to return to innocent (why should you EVER have to or want to return to innocent as a red?) or you have an escort protect you, or you risk it and further skill loss. Rinse and repeat, your character is now more useless than an initiate.

    It leads to pks only hunting the weak. Leads to the weak quitting. Leads to pks having to up the risk. Leads to more pks dying and losing skill. Leads to true pks quitting. Leads to a weird game where no one goes red but instead maybe commits a single kill per day, leads to no more pks, and voila back to the original pve land from the (2nd) start. I believe this was intentional from the start.
  • Well, I'm done with this game for the time being. I'm going back to Shroud of the Avatar where I don't have to worry about PvP unless I choose to. Enjoy ganking those who have zero desire to do it. If they (LOA Devs) gave characters the ability to toggle PvP on/off, I think it would show EXACTLY how many want PvP and how many don't. Leave the areas PvP as they are now, but let the players choose which mode they want. Example: my crafter DEFINITELY would stay NO PvP, but my fighter might want to PvP that day and not the next. You know, give the players a choice, stop forcing one or the others. See y'all in a month.
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    You should try it first and see what happens. I’ve yet to encounter a red since last week. But I mean, if someone robs you (irl) do you get the option to make yourself invulnerable to that? No. That’s the atmosphere for this game, too. That’s what’s bringing a lot of the vets back.

    There’s already games that do toggling PvP and they kill the immersion for the sake of “player choice”. There’s no need for that if they make the lawless world actually survivable, which from my experience so far they have went extremely overboard on.
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