Guild Mines and Lumberyards

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Let the Local Towns Rent their Mines/Lumberyards to Guilds - whose members must all be Citizens of the respective Mine/Lumberyards Town.

The Renting Guild can select how long they want to “Rent the Mines/Lumberyard”:
1 Week - 7 Platinum,
2 Weeks - 14 Platinum,
3 Weeks - 21 Platinum,
4 Weeks - 28 Platinum.

By Renting the Mine/Lumberyard, the Guild in control gets to set an “Entry Fee”:
1. A fixed gold price,
2. Pay by the hour,
3. Pay by the total weight of resources harvested,
4. Pay per resource harvested,
5. OR a combination of 1-5.

If the Miner/Lumberjack pays the Entry Fee, the Renting Guild is responsible to make sure that player isn’t murdered by another player, while in/on the Guilds Rented Mine/Lumberyard. If the player is murdered by another player, while in the Guilds Rented Mine/Lumberyard, the Entry Fee is reimbursed to the murdered player.

For each murdered player, the Renting Guild receives an automatically generated “Grievance” upon death. Grievances will raise the base cost of Renting and “Rent Renewal” by 10% per Grievance. If 5 “Grievances” are filed in 1 week alone, the Guild cannot Rent/Renew Rental Property for a month.

Once the initial Rented Time is up, the previous Guild who Rented the Mines/Lumberyards can immediately continue their Rent for the original cost + 10 Platinum and ONLY for the same amount of time. “Rent Renewal”:
+1 Week = 17 Platinum
+2 Weeks = 24 Platinum
+3 Weeks = 31 Platinum
+4 Weeks = 38 Platinum
Every Consecutive Renewal adds 10 Platinum.

Any player can choose to “Trespass” on these Guilds Rented Property. Players choosing to neglect the Entry Fee are no longer the responsibility of the Renting Guild. Trespassing will not Flag the Trespasser as a Criminal, however, the Renting Guild can attack and kill any Trespassers. They can also ban players from entering their Rented properties whom they catch Trespassing.

I would think it’d be better if Items were made that allowed Guilds to capture Trespassers and remove them instead of out right killing them.

This idea continues on with how I think tools and power should lie in the hands of the players, not the game. I also realize - come Point 8 with the Wilderness changes - this can be done without the need of a Rental system. However, my idea promotes Honorable play among Innocent Guilds & Players, as well as ONLY allowing Guilds of the same Citizenry, as the Town the Mine/Lumberyard is located in, to Rent. This, along with the increasing costs of Renewal, prevents 1 Guild from totally dominating every resource location.


  • So why would anyone pay to chop wood or mine in a rented area? Why would any guild rent an area?
  • MograMogra US
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    Squid said:

    So why would anyone pay to chop wood or mine in a rented area?

    Gatherers looking to pay for protection would utilize it. This is a rough idea of what Renting could encompass. But paying a Guild for protection against PK’s would be the main goal of this. Also, Guilds who actively patrol their Rented mines/lumberyards promotes their Reputation as Anti-PK’s. Guilds who fail to do this will eventually be locked out from Renting for a set duration, and lose Reputation among the players.
    Squid said:

    Why would any guild rent an area?

    Aside from Reputation, for money gained by gatherers who pay for their protection. If the initial costs for renting is too high that could be adjusted, or a different system for Renting altogether.

    Opening up more options and incentives for players to protect each other against PK’s is, imo, more ideal than relying on the system - which only works AFTER a player has been murdered. With this, or features like this, players benefit from defending each other vs benefiting only after a player is killed.
  • I don't want to pay rent on trees lol
  • MograMogra US
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    Kraxis said:

    I don't want to pay rent on trees lol

    Then you wouldn’t have to. Don’t pay. Trespass instead. Don’t use a Guild Rented Lumberyard. Go into the Wilderness and try your luck instead.

    This isn’t about forcing anyone to do anything; it’s offering a system for protection that doesn’t come free for ether side.

    This is why I specifically said you can “Trespass” and that these only apply to Mines and Lumberyards. They can’t own the whole forest, and only Mines in Innocent Territories are affected by this as the Guild would have to be part of the Citizenry of that Town - as stated in the original post.
  • Interesting, creative, you have some cool ideas. Keep it up
  • I appreciate it and I know there are better ones out there but I’d love to get some discussions going.

    I think there are far better ways to protect players in this game and still make it feel risky and dangerous in the Wilderness without resorting to artificial systems of punishment.
  • Why couldn't you just informally claim a mine and group chat miners who pay a fee, then warn them of incoming PKs? A guild could anti-PK as a subcontractor.
    Never heard of a lumberyard.
  • Yeah that’s another good idea and much simpler to explain. Something simple and easy, which can effectively aid (not prevent) defending players from PK’s.

    But a Lumberyard would just be a strategically placed area like mines, only for lumberjacks. It’d have choke points so it’s easier to defend, but also difficult to escape.
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