New player trying to like this game.

Because of how much love I had for UO, I'm still trying to like this game. I've only had the game about a week now,
and I've spent many many hours watching guides-reading the wiki, and every single time I read something about the history of the game or the patches/decisions the development team has made is extremely disturbing...

"Skill-Based World: Legends of Aria returns to a true skill based system. Build your character your way,
be you a crafter, adventurer, merchant or humble fisherman. Hone your skills through use and play your way
with a choice of over 32 unique skills."

So I first logged in, I wanted to make a mage with inscription. That's "Build your character your way"
I was immediately bombarded with the game telling me "no" After watching and reading several guides... I just opted to roll a warrior and farm up a few thousand gold to then give it to my mage to get a fireball scroll just, so I could gain my magic skill.Oh yeah at 30 evocation on a fresh mage, they don't give you the tools you need to progress your skill lol you literally can't gain evocation."Build your character your way". So ok I did that, I know inscription is a hard expensive journey. So I set off to start crafting scrolls. Knowing that the hard work always pays off with this skill — selling scrolls Ect.

UNLESS you played this game back before they made inscription almost impossible to level. You can't do inscription in this games current state.(Dead population) I've read/watched multiple guides on how to raise the skill. They are all out of date — I found out how to get fine/ancient scrolls. And had to log off out of frustration. Countless other skills have had similar changes benefiting the players who already had it. I have to ask though who in their right mid thought that would be ok without a wipe? What new player is going to be on board with already being behind the curve and then finding out they aren't only behind the curve — but are going to have to climb a much steeper hill than those before him.

""ONE"" of the other problems I have is, What is the goal here? Where is the road map, what are your plans? I've read through hours of patches and changes- yes I get it, this is still under construction. But the patch notes are a zig zag of back and forth changes. I don't understand. I paid cash to get on this boat with you.
Tell me where we are going. Note: I already refunded LoA prior to writing this review. I can't re type everything I've read over the past week about this game because it's a tremendous amount. But I can give you the feeling I have after submerging myself in all the information I was able to gather about this game.

From the steam charts — about 150 people play this game. The development team is to concerned with pleasing the hand full of current players rather than creating a situation for new players to join. Picture an Empty Inn with 1 table of customers, You walk into the Inn with a coin purse full of gold, but having the Inn keeper
send you away because he's to busy bringing drink after drink to that one table.
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