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I bought yesterday the game on Steam. I logged in and had all the day an emtpy server list. Today still no servers to select. Already thinking about refunding the game. That's sad because it remembered me to my old Ultima Online time.


  • ShirvaShirva Deutschland
    One more question:
    Can I start official client outside from
  • ShirvaShirva Deutschland

    full text here ;)

    One more question:
    Can I start the official client outside from Steam when I bought it on Steam?
  • No once on steam must stay on steam. You can buy another account not on steam and play it on normal non steam client.

    Not sure what the empty server list was but don't refund the game just yet the next update should be awesome and bring back the uo risk/reward. Many people are just waiting.
  • ShirvaShirva Deutschland
    thanks for answer.
    Problems where caused by the firewall. Seems some additional open ports are required. I'm currently online using wlan without firewall, but I prefer LAN. Maybe those ports are not required when playing without steam? I cannot open the ports without talking to other persons.
    I'm also a bit lost about deciding to play on official servers or on community servers. Mostly PVE (not role playing) and from europe.
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    I would recommend official server Crimsome Sea. There are many German players. Try contact either GER or PEST guild. There are many nice and cool people both guilds

    If you want an official client not steam you can buy one here
  • Hey Shirva, Can you tell me what ports did you open? i have the same problem.
  • ShirvaShirva Deutschland
    Hello, I didn't open any ports. I moved from LAN to WLAN that is using no firewall ;)
  • Avoid the official servers of this game they are horrible. The community servers are far more stable and active.
  • Not anymore...
  • Ignatius said:

    Not anymore...

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