Suggestions for Monetization

I posted this in suggestions on the official Discord; however, I thought I would post it here as well. I know your team is swamped right now, and I know you are all working very hard to create the content you envision. A larger team can help you create more content and squash more bugs quicker. However, you have to pay them, unfortunately. I have a few ideas that could help to increase your cash flow.

Now, before you say it, I know that your team isn't overly concerned about getting "rich" off of Legends of Aria. However, that's not the point. The point of more income is to grow the team with more minds and more experience to help you tackle problems, relief some of the workload, and come up with innovative ideas.

First off, I was very pleased with the veteran rewards for the subscription and hope to see more things like that in the future! I purchase 18 months on one account and will purchase 18 months on a second here very soon. (However, I'm still waiting on my 1-month cloaks :P). I also purchased your largest Gem pack and bought every single item on the shop that you can purchase.

Without further ado, I propose the following suggestions:

1. Once this move is complete. I would disable the ability to pack your house and then monetize the ability to do it again in the future. If a player decides they, for instance, want to move their house exactly the way it is to say...Frozen Tundra, they can buy the ability to pack a single plot and move it.

2. Increase the taxes back to their original value (It really wasn't that bad, and we need a gold sink anyways.) so that players are more inclined to subscribe to not pay taxes. I understand why it was reduced in the past; however, now that you can subscribe and not pay them. I think it would be a good move, and you may start to see more subscribers. Currently, it's extremely trivial to farm the cash needed to pay taxes. There is no real incentive to subscribe at the moment.

3. Sell portal skins. Basically, different aesthetics for the way a portal looks when it is opened. Different colors, shapes, etc. Check out the store for Path of Exile. They offer this and it provides absolutely no edge in the game whatsoever and they sell very well.

4. Another thing Path of Exile does that I think LoA could do is sell an increased item and/or weight limit for a character's bank-- not the character themselves.

In fact, I urge you to take a closer look at Path of Exiles Monetization methods as a whole. Since 2013, Grinding Gear Games have been one of the few developers with a strict stance on P2W monetization. The game is free to play and they make a fortune off of it from loyal supporters thanks to their great graphics design and marketing teams. (There is a reason Tencent acquired 80% of the company last year).

As a loyal fan and supporter who has spent over $10,000.00 on purely cosmetic items in Path of Exile-- I speak from experience. People like me are dying to give you money. We just need something to buy...

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