Where is the release Point 8? It's November. Chase PR8 and open pvp !


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  • dirricvirrudirricvirru Fort Worth, TX
    edited November 2019
    Give it a week or so for CS to figure out what they want to say. They'll announce release date for Nov. 30(still in November). and we won't hear anything from CS except for CS_Ewok keeping the masses calm or Liz Finnegan with an OHAI guys describing all the new housing placement features for the merge until the day before release. On Nov 29 at 11:30PM they will say there is an awesome new feature that will go in Point of Release 9 that we can't live without and delay until Jan. but rest assured we'll have mounted combat again. People that have logged in might get a few power hour potions and we won't hear anything until Dec. 31.
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