Mount Dismissal

Instead of mounts evaporating into a cloud of purple smoke and magically winding up in the stables, I feel some items/spells could perform this action more organically.

Items from Alchemy/Inscription: 2 types of potions/scrolls, 1 weak version sold from an NPC, and the other Player Crafted, both of which you “feed” or “cast” to/on your mount.

The weak version would essentially grant an indefinite “Hide” on the mount, and the Player Crafted one would be the equivalent of the “Cloak” spell. “Hidden” mounts could be detected, “Cloaked” could only be detected via damaging AoE spells.

Items from Inscription, and Spells: A one use, Player Crafted Inscription Scroll - “Transmute: Flesh to Stone” - which would turn your mount into a statue, as in current.

For the Spell - a New High Rank Spell (of the same name) “Transmute: Flesh to Stone” turns the mount into a statue, as well.

The regents for both being blood, bones, and stones (plus the cheapest scroll for Inscription Item) and these would be the only way to create a Horse Statue - reapplied after each summon.

Spell: “Cloak” can be cast on mounts to hide them indefinitely, only being susceptible to AoE attacks.

And lastly, Scribe NPC Vendor Item “Recall: Mount” - a 2-part scroll that when first cast, marks your mount, and when cast a second time, recalls them to the stable nearest to you.

New Hide and Cloak items/spells only provide the new benefit in the Overworld. They won’t work on mounts that are in a dungeon.

“Recall: Mount” cannot return a mount that is not in the Overworld.

Mounts are very expendable, it seems. Heading to a dungeon and dismissing a pet doesn’t leave much option other than to hearth when you complete what you set out to do. On top of that, the world is becoming a dangerous place again, and not having a mount to return to after dungeon diving, leaves few options and even fewer people in the World. If your hearth is down, and running back to Town is your only option, you’ll be easy pickings without your trusty steed.


  • lecterlecter
    I agree they should just add mounted combat
  • lecterlecter
    Exactly the same as UO, then they would have 5000+ players playing this game for the next 20 years but they are lacking in some things so it might not happen
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