Experimental Testing today - Land Deeds / Moving Crates - 2pm Eastern Time

Elizabeth FinneganElizabeth Finnegan Administrator
edited December 2019 in Straight from the Citadel
Greetings, adventurers!

We’re going to open the Experimental Server at 2pm to test our Land Deed/Moving Crate fixes. When Experimental comes up it will be with a copy of Ethereal Moon with all housing zones unlocked, complete with your characters, banks, and land deeds.

Please try:

-To place your deed (make sure your moving crate pops up)
-To resize your plot to the previous size for free
-To repack your plot (make sure the deed has the correct Free Resize and Item Count after repacking)
-Te place your deed a second time (make sure your crate pops up a second time, and that you are able to resize to the previous size for free)

Before placing, please be sure to log in and out of the character who originally packed the plot, if that character is not the one currently holding the deed.
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