Thanks for your money!

steam release,game cost 19.99,then reduced the cost,sorry all you guys that forked out 20 buck,subs for people who wanted to support the game with it's new ruleset,fork out 100-180 bucks,hey now it only cost 20 bucks,sorry you 100-180 dollar guys but thanks for all the cash! I have a pretty strong feeling this is going to get reported if they don't start refunding some cash minus the 20 bucks because that is pretty shading business practice,which has nothing to do with you preaching "game in development" guys


  • Game is free now.

    Ya know you didn't have to pay 180, it was your choice.... Shame on you.
  • and all the broken promises like connected servers and server tools for all.... thats that what p..s me most :neutral:
  • 21st century = everyone's a victim...
  • I'm gonna pay money and complain that I didn't open a business with it and buy stock.
    Then I'm gonna say I paid money for vaporware.
    I'm gonna have a point, I had a point, and I want you to refund my cash.
    Yea.... I'm just commenting on my opinion of this post.

    And what I need from this game is for the engine to have more freelook options, and increase the population x1000 - then I might jizz
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