New server question regarding moving houses

Question is I do recall reading that the houses will be blessed upon death but does this also go for the plot deed we are getting as well? Am I to assume both house and plot deeds are blessed so some douchy pk cannot just kill me when trying to place and loot the deed?


  • Well the housing will be put into a deed much like the plot but I only recall reading 1 of those deeds is blessed..
  • CS stated in another thread that land deeds will be blessed
  • Yep. When you pack your plot on the old server/s your plot, all items on it and your house (if you have one) will all vanish and you'll get a deed. The deed is blessed (although it doesn't say so). Once you move to the new server and find a plot you like, you use the deed to lay your plot. When you do so, a moving crate will appear under your mailbox. Inside you will find all your items and a house blue print. Only you can access the moving crate.

    When you remove the blue print and place it on your plot, your house will appear fully built (no need to get mats again). The blue print was not blessed last time I checked, so be careful when you remove it from the chest!

    I hope this helps.
  • MulacMulac United States
    Can we just leave our packed up plot/house/moving crate in our bank on new server? Is there a timelimit to place your house on the new server?
  • Ewok_CSEwok_CS Celador Administrator
    I don't believe there will be. However you only get access to the moving crate once the plot has been placed by using the land deed. That can be stored in your bank if you do not want to use it right away.
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