Allow Stealing & Snooping in Towns

Please let Rogues continue to be Pickpockets in towns and protected areas of Celador.

During the time this post was made, Rogues were able to snoop into NPCs and players' inventories within town and doing so marked them with the Criminal flag which makes guards whack them as long as they're within their radii of detection. Attempting to snoop other players should mark them as a Criminal regardless of rather their attempt to snoop or steal was successful or not; however, snooping and stealing from NPCs (Humanoid NPCs found inside towns) should not mark the Rogue as a Criminal if they weren't witnessed snooping and stealing by other NPCs.

To make this an even more risky, thrilling, and immersive experience—Metal Gear Solid experience for Rogues, guards could be stationed in certain key points in each town—static ones being placed near crafting tables to prevent Crafters from having their supplies stolen from them. Some of these guards will remain stationary and periodically turn to check areas around them, and some of these guards should patrol. A few local NPCs already exhibit similar behavior in the way they roam around the towns they're living in. If any player feels as though they and their belongings are being threatened by a Rogue while in town, allow them to yell for guards through the chat to come to their aid.

Stealing and Snooping being restricted to the wilderness trivializes the skills because, while sneaking up on someone unawares to steal something from them may be a more careful and tactical approach, why would someone want to sneak up on someone to steal something from them when they could just kill them and take whatever they desire instead without the conflict debuff and weight limits imposed upon the Rogue from the Stealing skill? Moreover, Rogues are unable to keep up with their targets that are on the move due to their inability to double their consumption of their allotted steps to run while sneaking and Stealth not automatically making them use the skill again when they deplete their allotted steps—the latter being very crippling to Rogues. They can't even safely train the two skills on NPCs, PvE creatures, and their own pack animals without getting whacked by the guards or potentially Jesus Bolted once the Anti-Stealing in Protected Zones fix rolls through.

I just don't see any reason—maybe a few vague reasons related to dungeoneering—as to why Stealing and Snooping would be used if it is restricted to the wilderness.


  • _not_Lorn_not_Lorn United States
    edited November 2019
    I totally agree with this. Thieving in only the Wilderness is way to restrictive and really doesn’t make sense.

    Imagine fighting a mob and a player runs up on you, instantly stealthing. You’re not going to stand there and finish fighting the mob; your going to run and get away easily. The other option is standing around stealthed, in Dungeons, trying to pick pocket people. Probably the only real option here, but at that point - like you said, seems to make more sense just to kill them, unless you’re a pure thief, in which case - you’re screwed.

    Stealing/Snooping should definitely be possible in Towns, especially the outer rim Towns of Outpost and Oasis. It’s the only real viable places to be a thief.

    If you get caught, you’d be flagged and the guards will try and detect you like in the Rogue quest. But, instead of being instantly Jesus bolted, the thief should just be thrown out of the town for X amount of time - 15~ minutes, with punishments increasing based on how bad their criminal record is. And of course, they’d be attack-able during that time, too.
  • DmitriyDmitriy Russian Federation
    I agree, stealing is really only happens in the cities!
  • SoapSoap Paper Street
    Yep, definitely allow stealing in towns. CS, y’all literally said you’d do this during the Reddit AMA. Supreem literally said that stealing would be allowed in neutral towns. Don’t go back on your words. You can make stealing a fun and intuitive experience for all. I know you guys always back up X reason because of lack of a sound way to provide user awareness *cough* the many ideas we came up for with mounted combat *cough*. But you can easily alert new players that they must guard their coin purses, and by the time initiative status wears off they should be well aware of thieves in their midst. Make it so some areas, in cities, have a high chance of spotting, so they can have a place to park themself if need be (for a break or RL sh*t).
  • ErinErin Generally harmless.
    I am supportive of this suggestion.
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