Apology to the Devs & Player vs. Player Controversy

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First things first, I wanted to apologize to the Devs for the post I made around August.

This probably may not be that serious to anyone else nor the Devs themselves, but it is to me because I felt bad for my wavering faith in them after they made this post—admitting mistakes, which most Devs nowadays do not do, and reassuring us that they do listen to everyone's feedback from every outlet instead of listening to and heeding feedback from a select minority or majority within controlled outlets. I primarily kept my eyes on what they kept removing, removing, and removing as well as all the of the constructive feedback that I thought wasn't being considered, mentioned, nor implemented in Experimental which led to my loss of faith and trust in them for their decision-making skills; however, after reading their post, witnessing them make a fair decision regarding the server merge, and reading all of the upcoming changes to the revision of the first ruleset that will be the third ruleset in addition to the quality of life and content that is coming with it under Point Release 8 - Part 2, I feel that I was wrong for not believing in nor trusting them.

My faith and trust in them has been completely restored, and I'm not going to let either falter so easily again.


So far, I have seen discontentment from several players who are passionate about Player vs. Player—Reds (Outcasts/Murderers), primarily—because of the stat debuff and skill loss mentioned within Point Release 8 - Part 2's blog and in detail within Experimental's Patch Notes for the same Point Release; I understand the concern surrounding discontentment because no one wants to train their skills again and wait for their stat reduction debuff to expire, and thankfully, skill loss does not affect skills' maximum level attained which means that they will receive a retrain skill bonus that is a multiple of three as mentioned within the blog and Experimental post.

I won't get into the nitty-gritty of why I believe the statistics themselves are good because they may still need testing to have their numbers tweaked, but I will say that the mechanic itself is necessary because there has to be something that gives those who set out to gather, to train (Naked Tamers), or to kill within dungeons (PvE Players) respite from being relentlessly assailed by Reds—something to keep Reds in line.

I sincerely promise you that I am certain a large percentile of us do not hate Player vs. Player, but some of those Gatherers, Fledglings that are still training, and PvE Players would rather deal with it in stride rather than deal with PvP subjugate their initial reason of entering the wilderness in the first place, and I want to provide examples of what PvE Players went through in the first ruleset below:

  • Gatherer needs to enter a mine to amass obsidian to either GM Blacksmithing or craft obsidian gear to sell to others. This Gatherer heads to any of the mines that have an adequate or abundance of obsidian veins they can mine. Once they have amassed about... two-hundred or much more if they brought pack horses, a Red enters the mine to slay any Gatherers within it and steal their materials they spent hours amassing. The Gatherer could bargain with the Red, but they still lose what they amassed either way. If the Gatherer is killed and looted for the first time, they will accept that it is a "Risk vs. Reward" scenario and try again. They amass near the same amount of obsidian again at the same mine after waiting a bit of time until they deem it safe to enter again, and the same or a different Red enters the mine and bargains with or kills them again to take their belongings. Exasperated by how much resources and time they lost, the Gatherer travels to a different mine to try amassing obsidian again, and... they're assailed by a different Red. At this point, they will either give up or turn to other players—they choose the latter. They asked randoms, their friends, or a guild for help and they accept to his or her delight. They travel back to the first mine the Gatherer spent most of his or her time in, and the Gatherer's guard(s) station themselves somewhere obscure. A different or the same Red enters the mine again, threatens the Gatherer, and lo and behold—the Gatherer's guards kill the Red. At this point, the Gatherer assumes they are safe; however, the Red either waits until the Gatherer's guards have to leave or decided to come back with his own force. If the latter, the Gatherer and their guards are wiped out this time, and either the Gatherer's guards give up or continue to fight back. If the latter, it becomes an endless war of who is going to give up first.
  • Naked Tamers have a similar but much simpler scenario: Tamers are able to GM Animal Lore and Animal Taming from 59.1 by taming Great Harts, Grizzly Bears, Elks, and Coyotes in that order of skill requirement; however, most of these Tamers will find training those two skills to GM solely off those four animals will be significantly slower than taming Emperor Scorpions, Hunters/Huntresses, Wyverns, and Dreads to GM in that order yet again. Since these beasts can only be found in the wilderness, wise Tamers will know better than to take more than a crook, a hearthstone, and useful blessed or cursed items with them into the wilderness hence why they were called "Naked Tamers" because they wore nothing but a crook and any blessed cosmetic items they owned. During this time—the first ruleset, these Naked Tamers were commonly found at the Spider's Nest of the Black Forest and in the Aria Lake of the Barren Lands running around or exploiting the lack thereof line of sight requirement. Since these Tamers could not fight back due to having no possessions and no GM combat skills, they could not fight back and could only stand there or run away to no avail while Reds pelted them with spells or fed them to their own pets—sometimes both since Mage Tamers were popular at the time, and those Naked Tamers would even have their crooks looted. As mentioned in the post linked at the very beginning of this post, this was what I was made to experience over and over by someone who forced me to join his guild if I wanted him and his guildmates to stop killing me; however, it did not stop there. Once I was able to tame Wyverns, a person from a different guild would constantly visit just to kill me and any other Naked Tamers using Wyverns to train and the guild that was my prison had no interest in helping me. I gave up to tame Great Harts, Grizzly Bears, Elks, and Coyotes as well as Dreads on the side when I could safely lure one far away from its spawn point to somewhere secluded, but those animals provided so little skill gains and Dreads took far too long to respawn which... just led to my activity in Legends of Aria becoming lesser, and lesser, and lesser alongside everyone else who were deemed as "Sheep".
  • Fully-geared PvE Players with GM skills setting out to a dungeon as a group is a different story. They have the gear and abilities to fight back when opposed, and they also have the numbers if they aren't running a dungeon or Awakening with a small group. The issue with them is... what if they do win the battle? The Reds will simply resupply or switch characters then come back again before they leave with whatever loot they can get off their corpses and from the dungeon or Awakening they're raiding to assail them until they die; in addition, Ghost Scouts and Stealthers were tools of the Reds to check who is entering what dungeon or Awakening since Reds had their movement restricted during the first ruleset, and this was utilized to check who was entering what mine(s) as well for the very first example for Gatherers.

Player vs. Player subjugating their primary goal and pigeonholing them into constantly needing to defend themselves and die trying while losing their time and resources to each death then told to "git gud carebear" or "this is a PvP game, get used to it" led to them wanting to give up and leave. No one should have an aspect of the game forced upon them when a game caters to both PvP and PvE hence why Citadel Studios is finding ways to allow both options to exist harmoniously through these ruleset changes.

To conclude this post, the point of the second half of it is my wish for those passionate about Player vs. Player to understand the other side of the community and the game—the "Sheep", Blues, PvE, PvE Players, whatever they want to call it or them. Like I said, I guarantee a large percentile of them do not truly hate Player vs. Player—myself included—and only want to deal with it in stride alongside the main reason of why they entered the wilderness in the first place.

I just sincerely hope that everyone will understand why these risks and penalties were included within the third ruleset and see that they may not be as bad as they seem when we're all able to experience them ourselves in November when Point Release 8 will be released for all of us to enjoy.

(E: Tidied post, and fixed a minor mistake with the bullet-point list including the last three paragraphs within its list.)
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