Current state of auction bug, state of the game and me.

Current state of auction bug, state of the game and me.

So here is how Citadel Studios think house auctions work.
1: You bid 50p for a house. 50p is withdrawn from inventory or bank.
2: Someone outbids you
3: You bid 55p for the house. 5p is withdrawn from your inventory or bank (just the raised amount)
4: You are outbid and lose the auction.
5: You are repaid the total amount of 55p minus 1% fee.

How it actually works
1: You bid 50p for a house. 50p is withdrawn from your inventory or bank.
2: Someone outbids you
3: You bid 55p for the house. 55p is withdrawn from your inventory or bank (full amount again). The initial 50p is not repaid here and you are so far down 105p.
4: You are outbid and lose the auction.
5: You are repaid the total amount of 55p minus 1% fee.

As you can see, we have lost 50p + 1% plat by bidding again on the same house.
So there is an inconsistency between how you pay and what you are returned afterwards. This is further proven by Done when he have reported, several times, that if you bid multiple times, you are not repaid your initial bids, only the last ones. In reality, you are payed the initial first bid and then the amount you raised only, instead of the full amount.

This might be hard to spot at first if you are bidding with the same char since its all clumped together. However, it was very obvious when we bid on the same house with 2 different chars on the same account. The first guy that bid got back
19p 1880 gold. This is a 20p bid -1% fee. That is correct.
The second guy on the same account which raised the bid only got 1919 gold back. That is the difference between the first bid and the second (what was raised). Again, that is not how the money was withdrawn. The full amount of money is always withdrawn when you make a bid, not the difference.

Now someone might say, "Why did you bid on the same plot with 2 different chars on the same account?". Simple! The second bid was made on another char because I was online with that guy at the time and had the money to raise the bid. Since its the same account, it does not matter but in this case it showed very clearly how the money was payed back in error. Using two different chars have nothing to do with the bug, it just made it apparent.

Another issue with this. If you halt auctions and repay all the bids, why are you still withdrawing a 1% fee? This is an oversight from your side of course. If you initiate a halt in auctions, I should not suffer a 1% penalty cost. Only when I am outbid should that be allowed to happen. Very lazy.

The fact that this has gone on so long and not been fixed is appalling. How many people have lost hundreds of plats on big auctions? Having Customer Support (You know the GM in question) explain to me how auctions work (the wrong way) and trying to convince them that this is NOT how it actually works in game is just a... terrible practice. It once again shows that the developers and customer support have no idea how the game actually works since they do not actively play it.

There are multiple examples of this. Most recently, the PR8 Part 1 patch put on the experimental server. There is 1 zone open (Eldeir). The guarded zone should be inside the outer perimeter of the town. I hear that there are several spots inside Eldeir that is classified as wilderness and get a response from the devs that "Leave a bug report when you find them so I can fix it" in Discord.

I decided to log in and test this. It took me 5 seconds of running around the inner perimeter of Eldeir to determine that the entire southern zone of the town is in the wilderness. How was this not detected by the developer in question at all?

This is how development should work.
1: Code it.
2: Test it yourself for any glaring errors.
3: Fix errors found in #2
4: Release it on experimental if you can not find any more problems.
5: Have players test it since they do stuff you did not think about trying.

Its obvious that step 2 & 3 are never done when releasing new code on the game. Luckily this was done on the experimental server this time but its happening over and over on live as well.

Especially frustrating is when new features are being implemented. We report bugs. The biggest ones might get fixed immediately but the small annoying ones are not. Instead a new feature is being implemented before the last one have been perfected. What does this leave us with? A game with a lot of little annoying bugs in every system implemented.

Take gardening for example. It was released live with experimental code still in it, so the daily cycle was set to something like 1h instead of 24h, drying the plants out from soaked to dry in 3 hours instead of 72 hours. This is reported by me on day 3 or something after it goes live and gets fixed fairly quick. We also report that other things are not working with gardening as it should.

1: Example how it should work according to CS. A plant takes 10 days to grow to give us 20 produce. If we forget to water so it goes dry, when that "day" ticks over, the plant will not grow produce for that day but a day is still ticking down. Meaning, if we allow it to get dry 5 out of the 10 days, it would still finish growing in 10 days but only leave 10 produce (50%).

If we DO manage to water it so it stays wet or damp for the 10 concurrent days, we would get the seeds back.

This is not how it currently works.

If you leave a plant dry, the days and produce just halt all together. You can leave it for weeks. After you water it, it starts growing again as long as its wet or damn when the "day" ticks over. Also, if you do a perfect watering run (wet or damp for 10 concurrent days), you do not get your seeds back as explained.

Now, these two things might be good for the players as we do not have to log on to water every 2nd day. Nothing bad will happen from it. Not getting seeds back was also unofficially voted a good thing since it opens a bigger market for selling seeds, but was still confirmed to be a bug.

There is also another bug with gardening though. If you over water a plan to "Soaked", it should, in theory, not grow that "day" tick and go down to "wet" and grow the next "day" tick. No big deal.
This sometimes does not happen though. It stays on soaked for days/weeks and will never grow or get down to "wet". This was also reported on that initial launch of gardening (one or two weeks after) and that bug is still there. The only way to fix it is to discard the seeds from the plant bed and plant another, wasting your initial seeds.

This is just one example of implemented systems that are never quite finished before new stuff is put in and leaves a lots of little bugs in. I understand that fixing some issues are low priority but bugs in new systems should not go to the low priority list IMO. If a new system is put in place, bugs from that system should stay high priority before new stuff is allowed to be put in or you'll end up with the buggy mess we are stuck with today.

As for me, my confidence in the management / developers and customer support of this game is at an all time low. I love the game in general and the idea behind it, but the constant bugs and bad management decisions are just appalling and should not be allowed to happen.
You may take pride in having been able to finance this game on your own (with our moneys help) without investment, but this is where it has led you. You get what you pay for I guess.

I have distributed my housed between my 7 accounts (love them houses), left one guy from each account near the bank and set a 2 week reminder in my calendar to pay taxes for them. Oh, I also canceled my Premium Subscriptions as you are not getting a single cent more from me.

Get a grip.


  • The auctions always been bugged in the way of bidding. If you bid 2 days before and then get outbid after a server restart and bid again it takes the first and other bid and combine them in the end but only show the last one on sign. If you win you pay the combined bids. I had it happen to me several times making it not worth bidding early on plots. I have reported this several times even 2-3 months ago it happened so not really something new.

    Things sadly happen when its early access, sometimes we have to take the losses and move on or just decide to stop playing maybe wait for the game to actually work correct without issues.
  • KCKC Everywhere & Nowhere
    I'll miss you :(
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