Availability of Rare Resources and the Third Ruleset

FiFi the Wiccan
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When the first ruleset was changed to the second ruleset that is still in effect for the live servers at the time this post was created, rare resources such as Blightwood and Obsidian were made more abundant and plentiful in the lands of Celador for us to safely harvest—even in town! Resources were not the only thing that were made more abundant: Corruption had a few slight changes as well—Gazers were added to it, and a cave known as 'Grim's Cavern' had Drakes and a Wyvern added to it. These changes were brought in by Point Release 7 which can be read below the hotfixes.

These resources should be removed from—or at least made very rare—the guarded areas of the upcoming third ruleset to give Gatherers a reason to leave town to gather those precious resources, and the same should be applied to the Gazers in Courruption—completely remove them or greatly decrease the amount of Gazers that spawn in Corruption unless there is a group of players killing them (Dynamic Spawner). Since there is only one Wyvern at Grim's Cavern, I don't believe it should be removed, but the amount of Drakes should be given the same treatment as the Gazers in Corruption in accordance with the Dynamic Spawner.

If completely removing Blightwood and higher quality ores from guarded areas would not be ideal, decreasing how much of both spawn in guarded areas would have a similar impact at the very least because it will make Gatherers choose between constantly traversing guarded areas for those materials as a test of patience or going out into the wilderness where it is much more plentiful.

Leaving these rare resources and tougher entities that also happen to drop rare resources unchanged for when the third ruleset arrives would give us little to no reason to leave guarded areas to traverse the wilderness since we can easily get what we need without needing to go there due to how much of them is readily available to us where the gods and guards can protect us.

Which would you prefer?
  • Complete abolition of Blightwood, higher quality ores, and tougher entities from guarded areas.
  • Increased scarcity of Blightwood, higher quality ores, other rare resources, and tougher entities in guarded areas (tougher entities can be tweaked for the Dynamic Spawner).
(E: Tidied up the post, and mentioned all valuable ores.)


  • Poor cotton. Nobody loves you.
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    Poor cotton. Nobody loves you.

    Shoot! I forgot to mention that pesky little plant. They probably have GM Hiding and Stealth.
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