Developer/GM Island & Tributes from the Mortals (Us)

FiFi the Wiccan
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This one is a bit of a silly idea that could be considered later in time, but the Devs probably have a secret island or world somewhere in Celador or Aria where they kick back, relax, drink Peach Bellinis, and watch us be the silly mortals that we are from their mystical hidden lands. If the Devs don't have this—why not!? They could use a place to lavishly lounge around and decorate.

Now, about the "Tribute" part of the title, if the Devs do have some of special island or world somewhere, they could place or build a temple on it then add a ruined version of it on Celador with an altar inside that could be named along the lines of "Forgotten Altar of the Unseen Gods". At this altar, we can sacrifice any item to those deities (the Devs) and those items will appear at their altar inside their pristine temple on their hidden island or world.

This could be done for fun to show the Devs appreciation (this is my main intent behind the idea); it could give those who sacrifice their possessions some sort of random minor buff; or it could have a somewhat meaningful impact in the game if religion, temples, altars, and worship of the gods—Aria's gods from its lore as well as the Devs—will possibly become a thing in Legends of Aria's future.

That's pretty much it—GM Island, a temple on both the island and Celador, and tributes to the Devs. ❦

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  • MistaneMistane Australia
    It exists, or it used to ... had a Tron inspired futuristic nightclub with a funky dancefloor, aliens from another universe, lazer swords, Alice-in-Wonderland shrink/grow potions, psychedelic potions that gave trippy, drippy visions, and other weird and wonderful curiosities.

    An exclusive club hidden from the plebs, available only to the upper echelons of Aria's high society. A dazzling palace of debauchery and decadence you'll never get to visit. I saw it once and i cried, it was beautiful.
  • Wow, just wow. Lok
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