Bounty hunter/bounty system added to wilderness changes

I would like to see a bounty system put in if the wilderness changes pass for live.
it would have a bounty board in one of the cities.
if you flag someone for a kill, you get a blessed bounty ticket in your pack, you take it to the bounty board.
if 5 tickets for that person are added to the bounty board, there is a bounty put up for that person.
only people that have not had red status , or been flagged for a kill for two weeks may enter to go for the bounty.
they reward would be something simple like a golden head of the person you kill that has the bounties name engraved with a message of for example "killer bob's head, bounty claimed by steve".

there would be no rewards like gold or items that give advantage, just something to decorate your house with.
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