About Beastmastery (Experimental Testing)

FiFi the Wiccan
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I took the opportunity I've been waiting on to test Beastmastery with GM Animal Lore and GM Animal Taming in the Experimental Server (10/21/2019's version) to confirm a few curiosities, and so far, it seems that Beastmasery has no effect on our ability to tame beasts nor does it affect their obedience.

The wyverns I have been taming did seem more difficult to tame without Beastmastery, but I was able to tame them after several tries. With regard to commanding the wyverns with 0 Beastmastery, they consistently obeyed every command I issued to them—the 'Command' ability as well as text-based commands.

Unless Animal Lore, Animal Taming, and Beastmastery were recently stealth-changed to allow the former two to handle obedience entirely and the latter to continue to partially handle taming success rates in conjunction with Animal Lore and Animal Taming as well as the animal and beasts' damage, this behavior the wyverns exhibit seems to contradict the information provided to us about Beastmastery at the top of its page at Legends of Aria's official wiki about obedience, but the taming success rate (the chart) seems to be loosely true.

If Beastmastery only governs animal and beasts' damage and partially taming success rates now, this would really help with not making Beastmastery a requirement for those interested in hybrid builds that simply want to use their pet(s) for their utilities or to have them act as tanks for them. It leaves room for Beastmastery to be revamped to not give a simple bonus to our pets' damage but to offer pet training instead.

However, before I come to that conclusion since Beastmastery could be bugged or could have been stealth-changed, does anyone know what the skill does besides provide a basic bonus to animal and beasts' damage? I wish I could conduct more tests on these wyverns, but we're still subject to their very slow spawn rates in the Experimental Server.

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