Hiding & Stealth Discrepancies

FiFi the Wiccan
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Stealing and Snooping are coming soon, and both skills will rely on Hiding and Stealth to make thievery possible since—as hilarious as it may be—we can't just walk up to someone and stick our hands in their pockets while staring them down in the eyes.

At the moment, Stealth only allows Rogues to travel a maximum distance of twenty steps—depletion of the stealth bar twice—at Grandmaster before Rogues are automatically revealed, and that is totally fine and should not be changed; however, I discovered that Stealth does not automatically attempt to make Rogues use the skill again to remain hidden when they run out of steps, and I don't believe that is fine because it hampers their ability to efficient sneak around while hidden when they're are guaranteed to be revealed each and every time they deplete the steps allotted to them according to their skill in Stealth.

Here are some of the other discrepancies I discovered with Hiding and Stealth in comparison to how both skills function in Ultima Online:
  • Stealth does not automatically attempt to use the skill again when the Rogue exceeds their allotted number of steps according to their skill in Stealth.
    (Mentioned above.)
  • Rogues are unable to double the usage of their allotted steps while stealthing to run.
    (This should reveal Rogues if they deplete their steps while running.)
  • Rogues that wear noisy heavy armor should not be able to make use of Stealth.
  • Armor has no effect on the difficulty and gains of Stealth.
  • Location does not influence the difficulty and gains of Stealth.
  • Completing the channel to mount a creature reveals the Rogue.
    (Moving after mounting a creature should reveal the Rogue instead.)
  • Rogues are revealed when looting their own corpse.
    (This is a discrepancy with Hiding—not Stealth.)
  • Rogues are not revealed when sending messages in '/say'.
    (This is a discrepancy with Hiding—not Stealth.

If I find more, I will edit this post to include them within this list; I hope the above are fixed and implemented to make sneaking around more immersive and Stealing and Snooping easier to do with those two skills they rely on.

Lastly, I don't think this one is too important, but I believe it may be more helpful in terms of clarity to Rogues to have their stealth bar changed to show the maximum number of steps a Rogue has based on their skill in Stealth that depletes as they move and only replenishes when Stealth's skill check is successful after exceeding their maximum number of steps.

(E: Tidied up the list.)
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