Play with the Devs - Experimental Server Testing Schedule

Elizabeth FinneganElizabeth Finnegan Administrator
edited December 2019 in Straight from the Citadel
Greetings, Adventurers!

We have a ton of exciting content coming to Legends of Aria, and much of it is available to test and weigh in on now over on the Experimental Server. But it’s not much fun to run around testing things and leave feedback on a forum or Discord - why not have a chat about it with the Devs in-game?

Ben, Brandon, Miphon, and Supreem will be popping in regularly on the Experimental Server, but they also have a few scheduled appearances to test specific things. Check out the schedule below (all times in Eastern Time), and we’ll see you on Experimental:

Thursday 10/24

2pm-4pm - Dynamic Spawner Testing With Ben
6pm-8pm - PvP Testing With Miphon

Friday 10/25

4pm-6pm - Martial Abilities and Crafting Orders With Brandon

Monday 10/28

2pm-4pm - Snooping, Stealing, Runebooks Testing With Supreem
4pm-6pm - Dynamic Spawner Testing With Ben

Tuesday 10/29

6pm-8pm - PvP Testing With Miphon

Wednesday 10/30

4pm-6pm - Allegiance PvP Testing With Brandon
6pm-8pm - General Testing With Grim


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