Return the Copper-Silver-Gold Standard with the Upcoming Ruleset

The Copper-Silver-Gold Standard made currency much more interesting and engaging, and it made me feel as though I have worked hard for my currency seeing it stockpile from copper, to silver, to gold, and then finally to platinum.

Each coin gave a clear indicator of the worth of an item—ale, bread, and bandages being within the copper range, worthy gear forged by Crafters being within the silver and gold range, rare items being within the gold range, and artifacts as well as exclusive items brought to the Celador by Founders being within the platinum range. This diversified currency and allowed us to easily categorize items based on their value, and it actually felt realistic paying for something that dips into another range of value—6g and 450c for example—and having to do a bit of math to calculate the value of everything I wanted to sell to or buy from others.

The reason behind the change had to do with newer and existing players not understanding the value of copper, silver, gold, or platinum in addition to not knowing how to convert that currency into the other, and that is strange to me because this is something that can be taught to the players through asking and answering questions, providing tooltips in-game that are persistent until the players have played for a set amount of time or until they are disabled within the settings, and providing the necessary information within Legends of Aria's official wiki. There is also an issue with gold's weight which causes most of us to have to ignore gold when traversing dungeons—something that was never a problem with the Copper-Silver-Gold Standard.

Please reconsider reverting the currency back to the Copper-Silver-Gold Standard with the upcoming reversion of the ruleset. The existing currency made the currency itself and the value of all items incredibly bland, too simplistic, and much too uniform since everything is either gold or platinum—the latter being an issue to carry around on its own or when a platinum breaks up into gold within our inventories.
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