Community FAQ

How can I talk in all the Discord Channels?
In order to limit trolling, you must have a “Verified Player” role on Discord to chat in the majority of channels.
If you purchased the game from our website, you can retrieve your Discord code from your account dashboard. If you purchased the game on Steam, you can type the command /discord in-game, which will open a separate window with your Discord code.
Once you have your Discord code, follow the instructions in the Read Here First channel on Discord. This code is one time use only. If you have any issues linking, please check to make sure there are no additional spaces added before reaching out to the Team for assistance.

What are Loyalty Points and how do I earn them?
Loyalty Points are a type of in-game currency that can only be earned through playing. All players earn 100 loyalty points every 30 days as long as they log in. You can also earn additional loyalty points by referring your friends (currently only available on our website) and reporting bugs (only available to the first person who reports the bug).

I’m having issues with my account. How can I resolve this?
We do not discuss individual account details on platforms like Discord or the forums. In order to get your issue in front of the correct people to have it resolved, please email Our community team does not have access to account details.

How can I report bugs to the development team?
If you encounter a bug, the best way to be sure that our team is aware of it is to submit a bug report in-game.
- Click on the gear on your minimap
- Select “Bug Report”
- Type a detailed description of the bug in the provided box. Explain in as much detail as possible what the bug is and how to reproduce it. If you aren’t sure how to reproduce it, detail your location and what you were doing when the bug occurred.

What if I need immediate assistance?
If you require in-game assistance, please use the in-game option for this:
- Click on the gear on your minimap
- Select “Help Report”
- Check “I need in-game assistance”
- Please type a detailed description of your problem in the provided box.

How can I report other players to the team?
If you encounter a player that is violating our TOS (harassment, cheating, anything), please use the in-game option for this:
- Click on the gear on your minimap
- Select “Help Report”
- Check “I’m reporting another player”
- Click on the “Select Target” button and click on the player you are reporting
If you can no longer locate the player you are trying to report, please type a detailed description of the problem in the provided box, including the player’s name and any other identifying information.

How can I submit feedback on Legends of Aria to the development team?
Feedback can be left on the Legends of Aria Forums or emailed to There are also chances to ask questions and chat with the developers via live Q & As and on Discord.

Can I Macro?
Third party programs are not allowed to be used within Legends of Aria and any attempt to perform actions while away from the keyboard (AFK Macroing or Botting) is against the Terms of Service.
Point Release 8 is implementing an in-game macro system that will allow players to make semi-complex macros to support things like crafting or other actions.

Can I play with multiple accounts at the same time (Multi-Box)?
If you play using the legacy client downloaded via the Legends of aria website then it is possible to open other clients at the same time provided you have more than 1 account.
If you are using Steam then you can only open 1 client; however, if you have other accounts that were bought via the website then they can be opened at the same time as the steam client.

What is the Experimental Server?
From time to time we may need new systems or changes tested by a larger player base and therefore will open up the experimental server to let players test them without risk of rollbacks and issues for the live servers. When this happens it can be accessed using the experimental clients via the website or Steam.

How do I play on the Experimental Server?
If you are playing via the client, make sure you run the "Legends of Aria Launcher Experimental" from the Start Menu. Check the version on the bottom right of the launcher window before hitting the "Launch" button to ensure that you are running the correct version. Note: It is recommended to run the main game launcher before running the Experimental launcher.
If you are playing on Steam, first check to make sure you have the free DLC “Experimental Client” installed and that all updates are complete. Right click on Legends of Aria in your Steam Library and select “Play Legends of Aria Experimental Client” - this should be the third option on the list.

What is the Community Admin program?
Legends of Aria is part of a platform that will allow players to customise a server of their own and mod the official rule set.
It is currently under NDA and has limited participation while we work on the core of the game.

Why does Ethereal Mountain have 8 character slots?
Ethereal Mountain is a cluster of 2 legacy servers called Azure Sky and Verdant Earth. This resulted in the ability to have 8 character slots as a perk to playing on the clustered server.

How do I join a community server that has not been updated to the most recent patch?
If you are trying to join a community server that is using an older client version you can either download the legacy client as DLC via steam or via the Legends of Aria website on your dashboard.

What is a Premium Subscription?
Legends of Aria offers an optional premium subscription that gives a number of premium perks including:
- Free housing taxes
- The ability to own a second plot
- Additional character slot
and currency for the in-game store.
-There are also rewards available based on your account “age” - the total amount of time you have subscribed. To find out more please see our Premium Subscription Page -

What happens to my extra plot and character slot if I cancel my subscription?
If you cancel your subscription, your extra character slot will be disabled at the end of your billing cycle. However, if you renew your subscription, this character slot will be returned with all character/items that were on it.
Extra housing plots will be put up for auction for other players to bid on at the end of your billing cycle. If you renew your subscription before the auction starts, your house will be returned to you.

Is Premium Subscription Pay-To-Win?
Not at all. The bonuses available to those to subscribe are in no way pay to win as they give you no advantage over other players. They include an extra character slot and the ability to have 2 housing plots on the same account. To find out more please see our Premium Subscription Page -

What is the In-Game Store?
The in-game store has a number of utility and cosmetic items including armor dyes and a musical harp.

Where can I find out news on updates and upcoming patches?
To find out the latest news check out the Legends of Aria news page.You can also find updates via social media, Discord, and our forums.
All live patch notes can be found under “Patch Notes” on our Community Page. Experimental Server patch notes are posted on our forums and on Steam discussions in order to collect feedback before any of the features are pushed live.

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