The current skill loss system is not going over well in the community and if we are to go the skill loss route the only option is to do a NET ZERO bounty system. A net zero bounty system cannot be abused, because math. The benefits of this are far beyond the balance that it brings to the game in terms of blue vs red. It can take gold out of the game from end game players which improves the economy. It incentivizes blues to kill reds and protect potential hot spots where blues like to farm. It also will bring pride and community to the game. It would also incentivize reds to manage their murder count and choose wisely who to kill. I would like to see a bounty board across from the Eldier Inn on the stage that currently has no use.

This is an additional layer to what Liz has posted in announcements to bring balance. If you are a murderer/die/lose your head then you are subjected to the same stat loss. HOWEVER, do not despair because the bounty system is here and you are not doomed to regrind. You can either regrind or pay a tithe to the town/community in the form of your bounty worth. I think a good starting point would be 1p per murder count. There are a lot of ways to enact this but I envision that the person who collects the head would turn it into the bounty man at town. If the red pays the tithe then a % of the money, say 50%, would go to the individual who turned the head in--the rest would go to the town as a social penance. The red would have 24 hours to pay if they do not want to regrind. The blue would have 48 hours to collect so they would always have a 24 hour window to see if the red paid. The red would always have a way to remove the debuff even if the person who has their head doesn't turn the head in--the head is just a way for the person to collect. Again, this system cannot be abused because it cannot generate wealth. Reds would probably need a menu item to pay this tithe globally as they would not be able to enter towns. Another option would be going to Oasis town to pay this tithe if the global idea didn't float.

When you pay your bounty you do not reset your murder count. It still goes down 1 count per 24 hours. Implementing this would create massive content. Hunts. Protectors. Balance. Community. Etc... I know that I don't see myself playing much if we proceed with the simple skill loss concept. Grinding in this game is already not fun in my opinion; I will never regrind a melee skill. The last 5 points are BRUTAL even if it is 3x the speed. We need options. This caters to both reds and blues and as previously mentioned there are massive benefits beyond the red/blue balance.

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