warrior/mage hybrid

is this doable with only 6x100 skills? if so what would the build be like?


  • TetsuTetsu Deutschland
    I use:

    100 Weaponskill (Lancing)
    100 Vigor
    100 Martial Prowess
    100 Healing
    100 Manifestation
    100 Channeling

    45 STR, 30 Dex, 21 Int, 34 Con, 10 Wis, 10 Will

    I use Scale armor so you get a low Mana regeneration but it is ok. It also gives you -6 to dex so if you want the extra attack speed on 30 you should use leather. It is nice to throw some backup heals or make Portals and stuff. With HP/Stamina food you can use Infuse to get back Mana quick if you need to.
  • TetsuTetsu Deutschland
    If you want to use a more mixed Build you could try:

    100 Weaponskill
    80 Vigor
    80 Martial Prowess
    80 Healing
    70 Manifestation
    70 Evocation
    50 Channeling
    70 Magic Affinity

    40 STR, 35 Dex, 25 Int, 30 Con, 10 Wis, 10 Will

    Enough to cast Poison, Fire Wall and Greater Heal while in Melee. A good Chance to use Ray Of Frost. You have also access to Stun Strike and Meditation. But you need alot of Lemon Grass to infuse and should never use Weapon Skills.
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