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So I am playing around with a more traditional Rogue build using the currently available skills and here is what I have so far. Originally this build had some lock picking until I played around with Slashing. I have now dropped Lock Picking in favor of Slashing. It is built on the premise of using Slashing Sabers ( Base damage 17. highest attack rating with the "Stab" skill) for initial 200% weapon strike from stealth then switching to Faster piercing weapon to finish. This build is mainly for PVE but I am looking to experiment with this build on PVP.

Traditional Rogue (PVE)
Str 45, Agi 45, Con 30, Int 10, Wis 10, Wil 10,
80 Piercing
80 Slashing
80 Healing
80 Vigor
80 MP
100 Stealth
100 Hiding

Note on stats and skills: This build is already at a -60% Weapon damage potential loss due to capping vigor/MP @80 and Str @45. But I think the damage is more than made up using the saber for your stealth "Stab" opener. We need Agility at 45 to get max weapon speed and I wouldn't dare take what is officially a leather wearing melee below 30 Con. 45 Agi gets me the fastest attack speed and the 45 str gets us very close to the strongest + to attack damage for our combat opener. It is burst damage followed by quick DPS.

This build requires 80 in Healing/Vigor/MP as minimum to make sure you get to Stun Strike in the Fighter Prestige. Add the Vanish Rogue skill. As a side note on the weapons skill; my understanding is that it is a function of "to Hit" The chance to hit someone with 100 weapon skill is 65% if you have 100 weapon skill yourself. At 80 skill level that drops to 60%. So only a 5% loss in chance to hit between weapon skill 80 vs 100. This loss I believe can be made up and surpassed with weapon enchants.

PVE Combat: I keep a Saber and a Kryss or bone dagger hot keyed (F1-F2) This allows me to start stealth and use Stab with the harder hitting Saber then immediately switching to the Kryss/dagger for a quick finish or bleed. A quick Kryss Stab or Dagger Overpower if required or normal combat if stamina is low usually finishes most mobs quickly. Even with 80 in combat skills and strength only at 40 so far, I am opening with 190 to 250+ damage from stealth. I still have a bit of growing in Strength so that should increase damage a bit.

I would raise Fighting Prestige to get Dash to get distance to tap hide, catch a runner, escape or close space with a caster and Stun Strike for no damage kills and Vanish for a get out of jail free move.

Raising Stealth and Hiding: Simplest I found was running around outside of town mashing the Hide hot key/. Stealth lags Hiding and is not very reliable till 80+.

You will have to play this like a traditional Rogue where starting with the 200% Stab as your opener. Pick your targets and joust if you get adds. Once my stealth reached 80+ I was able to move between targets pretty well.

The alternative to this would be to just go straight Piercing, max all the combat skills out to 100, drop slashing and settle for 200% with a Poniard from sneak. At 12 base damage it will be far lower stealth attacks. Your Damage over time would be higher but you would lose the big burst. In PVP I think the initial big burst will make all the difference.

I am looking for feedback or advise on this build. Like is there a cap on weapon speed and "To Hit" %.


  • TetsuTetsu Deutschland
    I played with 50 Wis on my fighter and it was kinda stupid in PvE, it is not worth atm. With this attack speed you are good enough against caster, so you can stay as it is and use Con Jewelry.
    You could optional drop some Piercing and put points into Lock Picking for the Master Chests (70.1+). It hurts the acc and the chests are mostly boring but who knows when it could be usefull.
  • Skip lock picking its a useless skill that gives very poor rewards. Dungeon chests have been lacking and or broken for months now. No sign of change and I think they are happy the way it is.
  • kleptomkleptom US
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    Great advice! I was thinking I could switch Lock Picking and take Evocation to get the poison spell Adding a poison DOT on top of Bleed would be helpful. Low mana at 10 int but very doable to add a bit more damage. It would have some added benefit in PVP too. Another option would be to take Slashing so I could use the Saber for the initial backstab (Using Stab) it has the highest "Stab" attack rating so would give you the largest Initial hit. I may actually toy with this to see how well it does. My concern would be that capping Slashing at 60 may hurt me long term but I will test and update here.
  • Helpful for PvE not much, since you miss the other magic skill to enhance the poison damage.
    Only on PvP it is a little pain since it lower the healing skill until he is cured.

    You realy should put them at your 3 skill 80 to get them to 100.

    Any maybe think about to get Str to 50 (100% damage bonus) compared to Str 45 (80%)

    Alternativ, Manifestation so you can mark rune and use them to travel fast and use later portal. But you would need Int 20 at last.
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