Option A, 2.0

KCKC Everywhere & Nowhere
Option A 2.0 (if the devs choose to go forward with Option A):

- Announce a set date for the character merger (ex. November 1st) well ahead of time. Give players ample opportunity to select the four/five characters they want to play; delete characters they don't want.
- On the date, ALL characters from Ethereal Mountain and Amber Moon are transferred/merged with the new Ethereal Moon database. Force move. Don't wait for people to do it.
- Player items (housing, etc.) are all packaged into a "moving box" placed into the player's bank (or backpack). Weight restrictions will need to be circumvented for the moving box. This is a one way box, players can remove items from it but not put them in. Once the box is empty it "shatters" and disappears. (This is all so players can't abuse the "weightless" factor)
- Starting on DATE, players can only log into Ethereal Moon. First come, first serve with housing locations. Devs can shut down EM/AM immediately.

Please offer suggestions/things I didn't think of, keep it civil
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