custum player UI and custom hotkey system

I would like to see a custom UI system put in for people who want to make their own UI elements with their own custom graphics, let them mod the paperdoll with a skin they like, or let them make a template with their own health/mana/vitiality bar with custom graphic elements and make the game look like us the player want it to.
let us resize and skin the minimap, add our own location markers, give us an alternate map that is the minimap but the size of the map that comes out with the M hotkey, give that a hotkey for alt+m.

let us customize hotkeys for spells and skills, let us map it to any part of the keyboard we want. let us resize the hotbars for spells and move them and resize them anywhere we want.

Let us make this game our own experience with custom player ui!


  • MisterGizmoMisterGizmo UnitedStates
    Good luck on this one, I been trying to get them to allow me to use things like this for my custom code I do for this game. One can hope though.
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