You are confusing us customers and saddening those who purchased on prior descriptions you did

Hello Developers.

Regarding your Experimental Direction>

I think the main problem will be that you definitely have a market for Gamers in the Full Loot Wilderness Section.
But they do not find you. And you need to make sure as it is a niche market that all who love that type can find it.
But then stick to it also in description and marketing.

But hard to find. Steam does not have a Wilderness Search function for MMO.

Suggestion> Steam has an Area that has "Survival Games" That Area is searched like hell.
Maybe add that TAg. or is that misleading? not sure.
If I enter Full Loot Game into Google( that is how most will look) - LoA will not be found.

Your Game needs a "unique" stand out overall. And I do not think with the usual content that major AAA Games MMO already have you have a chance to last. You need a Unique idea that others do not have.

And now the curse is that at first all casual Gamers that joined had been made aware that you are more dangerous sandbox MMO. They still did try it and accept it. Asking for more PvE content did not mean remove Wilderness as it was.
You had marketed it even with videos that you have a karma system and wilderness. And then you suddenly basically enrage us customers who paid to join your style of game and make a 180 turn.
And now a 180 turn may be back?

That I think is dangerous as hell at the current state. You need to make up your mind and then only do minor adjustments to the essence of what you did sale your game for.
I mean you still have all those Videos up that players find from PROTECTOR to THIEF and also KARMA VIDEO.

Confusion as to what product you are is already out there.
I, of course, would be happy about a 180 turn and I love your Experimental current direction with all Wilderness.
But careful - Early Access does not mean that at release you have a full new customer base waiting. Early Access today is basically a full release.

In the end, I think your unique niche market would be expanding your wilderness set up you had with a survival direction.
Then you will be found by a huge player market that would have a survival sandbox within a UO type style game with housing. Hehe. you would have me for sure. But I can wait for a Community Server with that style.

Summary = Make up your mind finally. And if you made it up check how you are found on all channels and remove old Videos and Websites that still proclaim a different direction. OR you enrage customers that purchase a game they expected to be different.

I do not think the current PvE gamers are able to be retained with so many MMO coming out with 1000 employees behind it vs your team of 3 to 5 employees.
Not as a PvE game. Far too much competition.

Take care
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