Character slots

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With the future content that will most likely add new skills and builds, I don't think 4 default and +1 through the cash shop is going to be enough. Please let us buy individual character slots through the cash shop for a decent price allowing for up to 7 to 10 character slots if bought.


  • DivinorumDivinorum USA
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    I am also confused about character slots also. Since the last merg I have 8 slots on my account. When they merge again will I have 12 slots so I do not loose any of my characters? If I go premium which one is considered my 5th slot?
  • if premium you get 5,you have to delete all your work you put into the other char,if you don't delete them,they said they would.Bull we didn't get soulstones for all that work but hey,i quit the moment they mentioned this crap
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