Community Developers Perspective

Hello, some of you might have talked with me in streams, discord chat, or over voice chat. I came across this game a few years back, then bought the developers package quickly. Most of my experience in game has been through coding and reading the back end of this game. I poked through every update and every file of this game for some time now. It has been a slow effort and loss of direction this team has just went through. I think it is fair on my part to at least help others acknowledge things about this game in its core. Without giving anything away that is under NDA.

The new coders and content creators are really starting to pull their weight, it reflects in the code as of recent. You have to realize the amount of files this game is comprised of, it takes a while to absorb the structure. Every system they have needs polished, but I think perhaps they are trying to do to many things in to many areas, and just need to buckle down and work through these systems area by area.

We don't need a new game experience, you can give us the classic uo feeling while only deviating from the core uo game slightly. If you notice the pattern, every time you guys try to innovate or spin a feature, you always end up reverting the changes. These changes normally pull back towards how uo handles it. I am just pointing this out in a friendly manner, not judging anything or saying this game should be 100% UO.

I would like to point out the Profession System. It was launched way to early. I do not mind waiting for things, but at least when you give us something. Make sure its finished, we don't mind testing. The other core problem with the profession system is this 4 skill mage, 4 skill fighter deal. I mean if they where 3 skills each, then someone could be hybrid. The good thing is, you can make abilities like 80 macing 80 evocation, smashes the ground dealing damage to your target, and everything within a unit around it, deals more damage with 2H bashing equipped. So really if hybrids are a problem, you control what they can do based off profession choice. tons of possibilities. Then tamer works great with 3, if you have core 3 set professions, 2 set professions and single skill professions like fishing, healing etc. This would give tons better choices. Basically you want more choices, and choices you can easily balance.

Before starting any new server, the game economy needs fixed. The key to balancing is understanding your own system and how it produces resources players want. This can be ore, essences, gold, anything. The base values that players can sell items to a npc is just mismanaged. Like you get 3g for a bow, but get 1000g for a workorder needing 100 of them. You have a cap on the time in which it takes to make a material item. player cranks out a bow every 2 seconds, 90g a minute, I could go on with these examples, but I think perhaps now they probably see the issue I hope. Its not to hard to make sure no matter what people are doing, as long as they put time in, they get something back. Just when things are so lopsided on what you do for what you get in game between various forms of farming.

Like everybody I have been waiting to Play Legends of Aria for years now. Follow your original vision, you know that thing you guys spent so many hours talking about at the beginning. You guys need that spark again. I am in no way trying to tell citadel how to do its job. This is just the perspective of a outside source. I may not be the best programmer, but I have been toying with game programming since 1988. I love game theory and system design, and enjoy watching this game grow.I really want to run a server for this game, just waiting on the game. Still hopeful though.

Community Developer,
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