Regarding the Upcoming Changes to Existing Servers (Option A)

FiFi the Wiccan
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With the upcoming changes to the existing servers and the lands within them, I felt the need to share my input regarding the options presented to us because they are going to affect so many NA players—or just players residing within the NA servers—including myself.

About the way the servers will be handled, these are the two options that were presented to us, and this is my understanding of them:
Option A offers us a new server dubbed 'Ethereal Moon' that will be launched after the three servers are clustered under Ethereal Mountain and their data backed up and saved before that data is transferred over to Ethereal Moon which will result in the three existing NA servers shutting down once Ethereal Moon is ready to be launched.

Option B offers the inhabitants of Ethereal Mountain with free character transfers to Amber Moon that allows those inhabitants to carry all of their possessions over with them to Amber Moon—including their housing items and a completed house deed of their existing house. After the deadline, Ethereal Mountain will cease to exist, and everyone who did not transfer to Amber Moon will be forcefully transferred the same way as those who actively transferred; in addition, anyone with characters exceeding the fifth character slot must delete any character to reduce the count to five after saving any possessions they have lest they will be deleted without discretion by the developers themselves which includes the characters' possessions.
So far, from what I gathered, character progression and possessions will be kept regardless of which option is chosen, and the only thing these server changes will affect is land—homeowners will have to be fast to reclaim land or settle with the fact that they may not be able to claim the same land they once owned prior to these changes and will have to wait until there is vacancy elsewhere.

Option B allows the homeowners of Amber Moon to keep their land, and the inhabitants of Azure Sky and Verdant Earth will have to be fast to reclaim land that they once possessed or scurry to claim any other vacant piece of land; however, I am in favor of Option A because of what it offers and the fairness of its offer unlike Option B:
  • Option A creates a new isolated NA server with a beautiful name.
  • Option A allows for everyone to have a fair chance to claim land.
  • Option A will temporarily unite the three NA severs within the 'Ethereal Mountain' cluster.
  • Option A will unite everyone from the NA servers within a new server that will be called 'Ethereal Moon'.
Another reason why Option B is terribly unfair compared to Option A is the fact that funded residents of Amber Moon—or residents who already own a Land Deed there—can use Ethereal Mountain as an indicator of which valuable pieces of land they should claim before Option B happens. If they have multiple accounts with characters who possess Land Deeds and enough gold to handle the taxes in Amber Moon, they can claim more than one spot to hold until Option B happens.

This would not result in a fair race to reclaim land, and it does nothing but slight the Veterans or players who worked hard and were lucky enough to claim the piece of land they have today.

I hope everyone will understand that Option A offers fair chance to every player of the NA servers unlike Option B does and will be in favor of that option over Option B.

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