New option for fixing the game.

one server, no housing, for 24 hours. then discounted land deeds to claim land in a new/vet player land rush. that way anyone with a current house has the same chance as someone without a prebuilt house transfer. seems fair to me. and vets get to bring all their stuff/characters to the one server at one time.


  • GlumpfnerGlumpfner Ireland
    edited October 2019
    There is an active in-game economy, for which players paid 100s of platinum for good locations, even sold plots for real money worth $100s.
    Do you really think the people who were committed to playing this game for almost a year now would appreciate that all their hard earn money that they invested into buying plots would be for nothing?

    I guarantee you, making a complete restart of all housing and plots would 100% completely shut down the game instantly and for good, as no players would be willing to come back, ever. This would be the last kick over the edge for the few 100 players that are left.
  • I have the best vendor plot on the server worth 3k plat and I'd give it up for the chance of having everyone on the same server. Keep in mind that rune books are coming so having a plot in a town isn't necessary anymore. People will come to my shop if I provide quality wares and give them a free rune to get there.
  • The question you have to ask yourself is would you rather have a really awesome plot on an empty server of an okay plot on a populated server? Most of us would prefer the latter...
  • RemeeRemee Middle Earth
    That was the whole reason most of us left the game though. Dead server. Who cares about the best plots? With a populated server, vendors will thrive in other places.

    Dead server, dead economy.
  • stop crying, unification is inevitable!
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