UPDATED: Development Update: Wilderness Changes Coming to Experimental Server

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Greetings adventurers,

From day one, our goal has been to create an immersive virtual world, and to empower our players in bringing that world to life. There are many different moving pieces in creating a world like that, one of which is a strong sense of risk versus reward and a sense of meaningful danger and adventure.

We built everything from the ground up in Legends of Aria with risk versus reward at the heart of what we were doing, and sought to implement a ruleset which established a balance for players of all playstyles. Our goal was to hone and refine this experience until such a time as guard zones could become a thing of the past and player activity could truly drive our world without becoming a live action Tarantino MMO.

As Steam approached, we became caught in the moment and made some bad choices. Legends of Aria needs a healthy population to succeed, and we believed that making the game more accessible would solve the population problem. Certain changes were put in place because we truly believed the game - and the genre - was ready to be brought to a wider audience. But it wasn’t.

This has been a talking shop within our team for months, coming to a crescendo in recent weeks about where we go from here. Legends of Aria has many futures ahead of it, but we simply must pursue the one which speaks to us, its developers, the core playerbase, and speaks to why we made this game in the first place.

We have spent the past few weeks speaking with the community, reading feedback left on a variety of different platforms, and making plans. Most importantly, this has reaffirmed to us that we need to take these conversations forward with you the community, but we want to start taking actions for your consideration. Here’s a quick look at some of the things we’ll be doing moving forward.

Experimental is being updated with the following changes. Our hope is to have this available to you to test before the end of next week:

- Guard Protected areas are limited exclusively to Towns and Cities.
- Long and short term murder counts are being added.
- The criminal flag is being added.
- Severe risks for player killers are being deployed.
- New skills: Stealing & Snooping.

Testing on the Experimental Server is ongoing and your feedback is a crucial factor in how we proceed with changes that are pushed live.

We’re gearing up for a big release with Point Release 8 with Martial Abilities, our upcoming Macro system, and our well received overhaul to crafting orders. We're also preparing for a big push of new content, which the majority of our design team is working on now, and we’ll be detailing that more for you shortly. We are also hopeful for a drive of new and returning players to Legends of Aria - but first we are committing to making the necessary changes in better managing our existing servers.


Option A) A new server launch: Ethereal Moon.

Ethereal Mountain and Amber Moon will become clustered temporarily. A date will be set the new, empty cluster, Ethereal Moon will launch, allowing players from all servers to engage in a landrush to the new landmass. All servers will stay online for x days, before Ethereal Mountain and Amber Moon are permanently removed from the cluster and shut down. Any remaining characters on Ethereal Mountain or Amber Moon will be merged with the Ethereal Moon character database and will be available to play on the new server.

Option B ) Move to Amber Moon!

Free character transfers are offered to all players on Ethereal Mountain to Amber Moon. Transferred characters will maintain all their belongings, including all housing items and a completed house deed, allowing replacement of their home without resources. A date will be set and Ethereal Mountain will become condemned and will cease service on the selected date. All remaining characters will be transferred to Amber Moon. Any accounts bringing in excess of 5 characters to the new server will have 1 week from first login to delete characters which surpass the 5 slot limit. Failure to do so will result in us doing it for them.

We know we may look crazy to some people by taking this approach, but that’s ok. No matter what we do at this point - change our approach, not change our approach - we’re going to look crazy. So we’ve made the decision to look crazy while making a game we actually want to be making. We hope it ends up being the game you want to be playing.

UPDATE 10/11/2019

Greetings! We're pleased to share more details on what PK penalties will look like once these changes are available on the Experimental Server.

- Committing a negative action gives you a classical Grey Criminal Flag
- Criminals are freely attackable.
- Criminals engaged by someone other than a victim of their criminal action may freely defend themselves without incurring Murder Counts.
- Committing or assisting in a murder will grant you 1 Murder Count.
- A total of 5 or more Murder Counts makes you a Murderer, designated by a red name.
- Murderers engaged by someone other than the victim of their criminal action may freely defend themselves without incurring Murder Counts.
- Murder Counts decay at a rate of 1 per 24 hours.
- Upon death, players have a chance to suffer immediate and permanent loss to skill and/or statistics relative to their current Murder Count.
- A higher Murder Count is more likely to incur a higher and more drastic instance of skill and/or statistic loss.
- This effects any player possessing any Murder Counts.
- Returning to their intact corpse or being resurrected will restore any lost skills and/or statistics.
- Removing the head from a murderer's corpse and returning it to him/her for consumption will restore any lost skills and/or statistics.
- Severed heads decay 12 hours post decapitation and cannot be consumed.
- Heads extracted from players who suffered skill and/or statistics loss are special heads and when consumed by another player will ***MAKE A SUGGESTION!*** .
- Those who die in arenas or inside their own homes will not suffer skill and/or stat loss.


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    If we have to do it, equally painful is the only way to go -- Option A. Otherwise, let's repeat the knife in the back of your earliest supporters like when Amber Moon was added.

    If we go Option B, let's not forget that your vet players from EM have to lay down housing in the wilderness now, as opposed to before where it was potentially protected. So, even more advantage to players of the newest server.

    Will the following be moved...
    1. Stables
    2. Pack horses that are not stabled with items in them
    3. Money, resources for existing housing
    4. Items in chests inside your house that you did not bank

    What happens to...
    1. Founders rewards being claimed? Reissue?

    How will...
    1. Initiate status work now? If it is wilderness directly outside of town, will Initiates be a thing of the past?

    Will these new deeds be blessed?
    Can these new deeds be pulled up and re-placed down incase you didnt get it quite right the first time?
    Will our hearthstones be rebound to our home city since bindstones will not be down?
    Will characters be moved to a city for their first login?
  • nuronuro United States
    option A please. Everyone will have a fresh start. Least effected will be amber moon players. Im from a vet server and do not mind at all.
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    Why would 2 servers that have been around for approximately a year have to move to a new server that has been around for 2 months? The dedicated player base already took a huge hit with the new server that was supposed to "bring new players". Why should the dedicated players have to take another hit?

    Also, I spent around a year securing prime real estate plots on both AS and VE. So much of my effort went into securing good merchant land and now all that is for nothing? I realize CS was trying to cater to new players and I'm all for that, but it should not be at the cost of veteran players. Especially since those veteran players stuck by you during the low times and on top of that there would be no steam release without people like me who have played from the start.
  • KugimanKugiman Finland
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    Option B! The reason is that i know a few guys who would likely quit because of option A. As for Option B, the AS and VE server vet players probably have already re-rolled to AM, so the damage would not be that bad. We are going to lose more new regular players if Option A happens.
  • VyrilVyril US
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    If anything.

    1 Server

    Don't care about land. But want all my characters (Both Servers) to be able to be on the final destination server.

    Return all resources, and gold used for housing on decommissioned servers. If we do a land rush, houses that were on another server may have an issue with being placed in a new plot and end up being worthless and players may still need to farm for a house again.

    Either a full merge onto Amber Moon, or a fresh start is okay with me.

    (Side Note) Please open up the world for more POI and dungeons. We need to spread the players out more.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    Option C) Amber Moon is merged into the Veteran Server; they are the ones who have had their land spots the longest. Let them keep those spots.
  • DivinorumDivinorum USA
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    Option Z - Wait for official release and the new server that comes with it.
  • GREAT MOVE! As annoying as it may be... I just placed my brand new Tudor House Estate and finished moving all my belongings into my new house and decorating it. I've spent the last 2-3 weeks decorating and moving in. So I would like more details on how this house move is going to work. Are we getting a magic bag of holding that has no item or weight limit to put our crap in? Also, if they launch the new server. Do we still get our housing deeds back?
  • What Linthu said...
  • I'm all for the merger.... but like everyone is saying... deeds..gold for plots... resources...etc must be given back before a new land rush.
    It takes a lot of time and effort to earn everything.... if we are going to be drastic the current players have to be taken care of.
    Option A is the only fair option....
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    Honestly, the people who backed you on kickstarter year(s) ago and stuck with you through the process are on the veteran servers - you really should not choose them to the be ones you pull the rug out on.
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    Option A or Linthu's Option C
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    Option b, if chosen cements the feeling that most veteran players have that they are second-class citizens.
  • LinthuLinthu Colorado
    Or house placements are in waves based on account age to place houses from previous server.
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    So are you going to allow people to reclaim their founder rewards with moving servers? This really seems ill thought out and it's not going to bring back the players and previous backers you already isolated with your drastic changes on a whim or encourage new players due to a lack of a clear end goal for "release".

    What you're missing is a clear design document and vision that you stick to, not just this throw shit at the wall and see what sticks approach. Want PvE people, work on some themepark quests and add some story and lore along with endgame content that isn't PvP. Want PvP players, revert the lands and karma system back to CB2 and improve on the karma system so there is actually risk/reward outside of fast travel.

    Want both, make a separate PvE server with no non-consensual PvP. People have been telling you guys this for ages, it's nothing new.
  • Either option will result in players with houses receiving a land deed and housing blueprint, and we'll make sure that we have a plan in place as far as house expansion costs go.
  • Dead game because you didn't listen to your longest time supporters and went for the "carebear it for steam players" route.

    This game was always a niche game, thinking that it would have wide appeal is the delusions of Derek, and all the whiteknights who backed the untested changes at Steam release.

    Now, they admit their mistake but it's far too late, you destroyed the community you built by these nonsense changes and basically telling your oldest supporters you don't care what they think and don't need to deliver on your promises.

    My prediction: CCU will be under 150 by November 15th, by Christmas the player population will have dwindled to an active 80-120 and this is when they will attempt to merge all servers into one.

    To those of you still playing, good luck I frankly don't understand what is keeping you here.
  • You don't do this kind of stuff in an MMO with persistent housing. This will shrink player population, not grow it.
  • TrijnityTrijnity United States
    Its is baffling to see just how out of touch a development team can be. This is what you've been working on? Features and rulesets that only the smallest minority is interested in? Meanwhile you have a game absolutely inundated with MAJOR bugs and exploits...unbelievable.

    I am on Amber Moon, you can literally walk around Oasis for hours and not see another soul on the entire continent...the occasional gank squad will once in a great while troll through (the tiny minority I was talking about.) The risk/reward structure is not in place for pvp...its just a handful of people trading reagents back and fourth and the skill floors and ceilings are so shallow that it makes the entire thing a pointless exercise.

    Now lets turn the entire world into a lawless trollfest where the penalties are not enough to slightly deter the people who only want to troll people. PvP systems ONLY work when multiple characters are not an option...If you can just aid and abet your ganking characters...then the rules literally dont matter.

    You have a completely undeveloped crafting system, entirely broken skills, bugs everywhere. And who is the marketing wizard who decided to do a Steam launch on the eve of the WoW Classic launch...did you not think that the biggest MMO of all time, who even at its absolutely lowest populations had more subscribers than Aria could ever dream, would not draw back a large amount of your base? Let this post here serve as a wake-up call: You think you had "lost your way" when you never even remotely found your way.

    This game had some decent bones, I will say that. But take a look at the major content and media outlets out there...YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Steam, there is literally NO hype or community surrounding this game. Your leadership is probably feeding the team lines like: "We've had some setbacks but we need to stay the course, we are going to grow the base and right the ship." Arrogant words from leadership who would be better suited grabbing and oar rather than steering the ship.

    What you are about to do is drive the last few stragglers away from your game. Sad really.
  • You deleted my comment? Shows your support
  • Java said:

    You don't do this kind of stuff in an MMO with persistent housing. This will shrink player population, not grow it.

    We are an Early Access game, so things will be changing until the game is fully released.

    Making sure that everyone has population to play with is critical, and we attempted smaller, less disruptive steps (ie, the Cluster) which sadly didn't work. However, we absolutely want to hear alternate options from our community that we may not have included in the post.
  • Darkrider said:

    You deleted my comment? Shows your support

    Hi! I just checked our changelog, it looks like you deleted the comment yourself. Were you attempting to edit it?
  • It's going to hurt some players, regardless of the decision. This is a bet that comes late but, later is better than never. Everyone playing in the same server is the best approach. In fact, there should not be any European server (I am from Europe). There are other games out there with single servers in the US that are doing great. Single server leads to richer player population and more pvp.
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    Those murderer changes though!
  • I subscribed monthly to the PVP zones we have today. I understand a lot of people want full PVP and I can respect that. But if I get PKd on the way to refill my vendor right outside Eldeir, I wont last long.

    Why must you do a 180 every time you make a change? Restore the old wilderness instead. If the punishment for PVPing a blue good karma char is high enough so it wont happen much, I'm OK with it.
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  • TurraniusTurranius Sweden
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    Darkrider said:

    You deleted my comment? Shows your support

    Hi! I just checked our changelog, it looks like you deleted the comment yourself. Were you attempting to edit it?
    That happened to me yesterday as well. Edited a post a few times and it vanished. Liz also said I delete it myself. Can't say either way if I mis-clicked or not though.. Can't see how as I can't even find a way to delete a post. Just "Edit" and from there "Save" or "Cancel".
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    I started in alpha with a Lord account (my first account, not counting my others) and didn't move to Amber Moon when it came up. I don't like either of these options.
  • The fact that these are the only options you feel you have left shows a lack of leadership and vision from management. You have taken enough of my money and regardless of these changes regarding messing up the population even further, will not be receiving any more. Please make a long term plan in the future, fly by the seat of your pants doesnt work in the business world like it did when you were a developer.
  • The fact that these are the only options you feel you have left shows a lack of leadership and vision from management. You have taken enough of my money and regardless of these changes regarding messing up the population even further, will not be receiving any more. Please make a long term plan in the future, fly by the seat of your pants doesnt work in the business world like it did when you were a developer.

    We absolutely want to hear options that our players have that may not be included in this post! That's why we're doing this and having a discussion instead of making a decision behind the scenes and telling people to deal with it. We know we need to unite our players, and we want to find the best way to do that.
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