Tamers need more love

Hi There, I started playing UO in 1996 and played for 20 years. When I heard about your game I joined for the 6 week head start before Steam :). I have 5 accounts (1 premium so far) and I play just about everyday. I have even been able to talk a couple of my family members to start accounts. My favorite character in UO was a Tamer, so its no surprise that is where I drifted in LOA. I actually have 2 now. A Bard Tamer, and an Archer Tamer. My suggestion is (besides needing more different usable tames), is to allow us to train our pets to be stronger and maybe train them to add some magical abilities. This should be something that you must be committed to, but with good enough gains that you feel progress. The end result should be something REALLY noticeable from a new tame.

Thanks for reading!
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