The trials and tribulations of setting up an "inside shop"

A few days ago I opened an "inside shop". In this video, I go through the challenges I faced getting this set up:

What you CAN do:
- Move your merchant to stand inside a building and interact with him normally
- Set items for sale that are lying around inside the building > customers can buy those items
- Unlock your door so customers can come inside the shop

What you CANNOT do:
- Sell items from containers, since any containers locked down within a building are instantly converted to secures which outsiders do not have access to. Well technically you CAN set items inside of secures to be on sale, but only you and co-owners can actually buy them. Which is not very useful.
- Remove your front door to indicate that the establishment is "open for business", which could look like terracotta cottage you see in the housing video

Issues with having an inside shop:
- The range at which you can interact with the merchant is very short. Thus, the merchant needs to be teleported around as you're adding stuff to put up for sale. (this issue is regardless of whether you have an inside shop or not, and is just as much an issue when dealing with a large 30x30 plot that is fully dedicated to selling things)
- Adding stock is tedious and time consuming since it cannot be put inside of containers. Instead of being able to just throw a whole bunch of items into a container and set it for sale, one has to: 1) lock items down 2) move them onto tables or allocated floor space 3) release them while being careful not to release the furniture they're sitting on 4) set them for sale on the merchant
- Due to the new rules implemented recently, the amount of items you can set on tables/floors etc for sale is very limited

In the perfect world, we could:
- set indoor containers to be secures or normal lockdowns (like in UO) so we could sell stuff inside
- could remove or add the door if the house is unlocked

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