Suggestions to improve the game:

gruncorgruncor HELL
edited October 2019 in General Discussion
1. Increase number of skills in new chars:
I found the game interesting, but I noticed the low number of skills available in start and very low stamina. This game need that training points be available more easily in low lvls and that the player earn skill rankings to make them more effective. I would think this could allow more skills available at the beginning to make mobs fights more interesting for beginners. Food can increase Max. Stamina instead only regenerate and this add more rotation in skills to new chars.

2. Create a NPC for PVP battles in open world:
I noticed that there are NPCs for open world quests, but there are no open map PVP quests for beginners. I wanted to suggest creating an NPC that would give PVP quests on an open map where players with same lvl could compete for special resources scattered around the area. For example, the player would face players of the same level to collect special resources in a specific zone per time. Each lvl would have a different map rotation to encourage open world PVP, where players would compete for resources instead of just doing risk-free PVE.
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