I have 4. Once I fill the first, I can’t fill any of the others. I’ve tried double clicking the empty ones, right clicking and selecting “fill”, and adding them to a hotkey and clicking that. Nothing works. Am I missing something?


  • I got 20 of them and can fill them at the most river place without problems.
    But not all places near a water are working, you need to check different places.
    My favoured one is when you come out of the gateway of Eldeir, follow the road at first then straight to the river.

  • Those waterskins could use a little tweeking for sure. Water Barrel sure would be nice.
  • I have no problem filling the first one, so finding a water source is not the problem. Or can I only fill one at each location?
  • Found the solution. After you have filled the first waterskin, the only way to fill the remainder is to right click the waterskin and select “use”.
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